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Hi! 안녕하세요 ! Thanks for reading! ^^ ~He, who has no strength to dream, has no strength to live~Ernst Toller~
Hi! Before anything else, just to remind you, I'm talking craps sometimes, so whatever is written here, just deal with it because afterall this is my blog (: I'm not an English/Bahasa teacher, so pardon my grammar. No any childish acts. Respect is a must. Thank You :D
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Not just any type of girl Hello! I'm Nurul. 21 year old. AB blood type. Lefty. Another plain Jane who rarely has an objective. I just accept what I get, either it was a reward for my hard work or even it was a punishment from my laziness. Those facts explain how loser I am. Oh I am also one of girls who wrote fan letter as her bio. Love pink. Has 2 different personality because I am AB lol. Half of myself already here so yeah, just read it! ^^ ohh! I'm so random. Remember!




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A love letter: Koi shichattanda, tabun kitzuitenai...
of my brain and the devil living inside.
mungkin itu yang dikatakan rumah ku syurga ku.
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Written at Thursday, February 27, 2014 | back to top

Azrin, saya suka awak.

I just want to say it, from my heart.
Like school kid.
Without being rejected.

You never care about perception and acceptance until you fall in love.

With stranger.

Yours truly,
Nurul, 1402271047PD
A love letter: Koi shichattanda, tabun kitzuitenai, deshou?
Written at Tuesday, February 18, 2014 | back to top


I have been suffering from kataomoi severely. How much i wish i am "dia yang menerangi hidup saya" how much i wish i am the one who next to him during his 48th birthday, the next cycle, after 19 years, where lunar calendar over lap, synchonize with western calendar. How much i wish oppa knows my sincere feeling, yet i dont have any confidence, and afraid of rejection. How much i wish oppa knows that i secretly listening to his voice tho it sounds creepy. How much i wish oppa knows that his simple emoticon is the reason why i am smiling troughout the day. How much i wish oppa knows his reply always make my day. How much i wish oppa knows how much i like his smiling eyes, his words, his characters. How much i wish oppa knows there is him in everything i see. Songs and there is oppa, Foods and there is oppa, books and there is oppa, places, roads, signboards, even the sky and the moon, sunset, sunrise, everything full of him. How much i wish oppa knows i always stunned whenever i hear his name, how many times i subconsciously scribble his name all over my books, mistakenly wrote my patient's name as his name. How much i want to tell and feel need to tell oppa how much i like him, but isnt it weird to like someone that you never meet face to face before. And our 5 years age gap are quite huge which is enough to make oppa thinks that i'm just a little kid who only plays around eventho i'm serious. How much i wish oppa will answer my heart. How much i wish oppa does like me as much as i like him. How much i wish oppa does think of me as much as i think of him.

And i wonder if i ever cross your mind, for me it happens all the time... Do you ever think of me even for 1 sec? I have fallen for you, maybe you haven't noticed it yet, ain't you?


Dear Axxxx san,
How do i reach you?

Nurul, Melaka, 140218 00:10

And this is the very first love letter that i ever wrote. And probably the last. Bcos i am not good with words.