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Written at Sunday, August 5, 2012 | back to top

I was a kid who loves to read very much. And that makes me today- a dreamer. I read a compilation of buku sastera cerita pasal a lot of hikayat in a very sastera way when i was in grade 3. It was a sastera text book. I love that book anyway. Its rather interesting that buku cerita kanak kanak dekat library sekolah. I read a form 6 geography text book when i was in grade 5, i read a heavy islamic novel story about secularism, marriage and poligamy when i was grade 2. I still remember 2 of my elementary school teachers suprised to see me reading that book.

"buku siapa awak baca ni?"

"entah saya jumpa dalam almari buku dekat rumah."

"awak faham apa yang awak baca?"


Tskk. Senyum je kalau ingat tu semula. Anyway! Saya still ingat the whole story inside that book. Dan banyak lagi buku-buku mak/ayah saya yang saya baca dulu. I read them because i had nothing to read. Yes, i was curik curik baca those books. Parents stop buying me buku cerita because those days, they thought sebab buku cerita, i dont read my text books. Yeah its true. Or maybe not? Entahlah...

I am not the type who read a book twice. Usually i finished read my text books few days after i received them. Then i dont read it anymore. And i dont like math. Nothing can be read in math. Hmm i guess thats why i was prohibited from reading other books except textbooks. However, it never stop my affection (chewah) toward books. Saya selalu ikat perut dekat sekolah saving money untuk curi-curi beli buku cerita dekat book store while mak sibuk pilih buku latihan sesuai untuk saya. Haha. Dan saya juga adalah librian since grade 3 until grade 6, from form 2 until form 5. Besides, saya juga ada abang sepupu yang suka beli comic dan lepak rumah mak mah nenek kami. Dulu-dulu, hari sabtu mesti pergi rumah mak mah. It was heaven to me sebab saya dapat baca comic-comic dan buku sekolah dia. I love his history textbook. The old one yang nama dia sejarah peradaban dunia. Saya khatam that book when i was in grade 3 or grade 5 (saya tak duduk grade 4) tak ingat. I guess i learn how to read pun because of comic. Saya selalu curi- curi bawak balik comic dia dekat rumah kadang-kadang sampai bawa balik kampung sebelah ayah. Masa tu saya belum sekolah lagi. When other sepupu main lari-lari, saya seorang duduk sembunyi-sembunyi belakang pintu baca comic. My parents tak pernah suka saya baca comic. irronically saya selalu jadi contoh dekat kampung when it comes to tabiat suka membaca walaupun yang saya baca tu adalah dragon ball. Muahaha. Anyway! I know my parents pround of me though they never told me. :)

So, because of that habit, i love beautiful words, beautiful saying, beautiful songs, and i love to daydream. I dont know why i end up in science stream because my childhood dream even until high school is being a language teacher. And i am still dreaming of it, even now. Its kinda ironic, or maybe sad, isnt it? Mungkin jugak sebab i am someone who has a lot of unrealistic dreams, but never had an objective in life, just.., follow the flow, follow what people asked me to do like a good kid, so i ended up in this path. If i was someone who has at least an objective, a little bit rebellious, maybe i am not someone like me today. However, i never regret it. :)

Anyhow! I hope my future kids will love books just like me, well because this is the only good trait that i have, maybe? Haha. That was a little bit about me that i can remember.

With love,
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