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Hi! 안녕하세요 ! Thanks for reading! ^^ ~He, who has no strength to dream, has no strength to live~Ernst Toller~
Hi! Before anything else, just to remind you, I'm talking craps sometimes, so whatever is written here, just deal with it because afterall this is my blog (: I'm not an English/Bahasa teacher, so pardon my grammar. No any childish acts. Respect is a must. Thank You :D
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I am ME | A Plain Jane
Not just any type of girl Hello! I'm Nurul. 21 year old. AB blood type. Lefty. Another plain Jane who rarely has an objective. I just accept what I get, either it was a reward for my hard work or even it was a punishment from my laziness. Those facts explain how loser I am. Oh I am also one of girls who wrote fan letter as her bio. Love pink. Has 2 different personality because I am AB lol. Half of myself already here so yeah, just read it! ^^ ohh! I'm so random. Remember!




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Feeling : Has crush on 이태민-koe ga suki. Soshite, anata no silent gesture, daisuki. 태민-san no ongaku itsumo kikimasu.
Eating : sushi, takoyaki, green tea,skittles, oat krunch, marshmellow lover. Nowadays mum homemade foods are saikou!
Doing : Sleeping 10 hours/day to get a better skin bleagh.
Watching : salamander guru and the shadow, operation love kver, painter of the wind, Rooftop Prince.
Reading : tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom.
Listening to : Lee taemin. Younha. Any beautiful ballad & R&B,Be Ma Girl-Teentop, Good night-B1A4.

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Liebster Blog Award
Written at Wednesday, August 8, 2012 | back to top

Ohai. Mia Lia a beauty product reviewer tagged me with this award. Thank you baby! Its really been long since I last doing this kinda game keke.

(cr : fashioneda.com)

* Post 11 facts about yourself
* Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and then create 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated to answer
* Choose 11 people if you can (with less than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post
* Go to their page and tell them
* Remember.. no tag backs!

My facts

1. I stole my sister's SHINee wrist band and claimed it mine. And I am still wearing them HAHAHA.
2. I love singing and humming songs.
3. iPod is best friend.
4. Always plug earphones but not listening to any songs and pretend do not hear other people talking.
5. Childhood dream-wanna be a journalist and travel around the world, learn people cultures, do review of all the places that i went to.
6. 2 cm shorter than my height written in passport lol. It was not purposely done okay. I thought I really was that tall back then. Anyway its not even hit 160 cm brrr = ="
7. Wrote fan letter on twitter bio.
8. Enjoy watching Korean/Japanese dramas and post reviews here. Dream to be one of the writers at dramabean or other drama review website brr bye.
9. Chewing ice cubes and candies like munching cookies.
10. A bookworm.
11. Etude House fan.

What do I say?
1. Do you prefer shopping or eating? 
Obviously eating. Because I am eating while shopping too. 
2. Write down one thing you would want to get now.Only one~!
Is Lee Taemin considered a thing?  Okay I want a lot of money.
3. Horror or romance movie?
I am not good with horror, romance ONLY, sounds boring. Both pass. err pass here means out okay lol
4. Do you prefer math or essay?
5. Describe your dreamy workplace.
Where I can listen to my ipod while working and socailized with colleagues without awkward feeling. To the point of i can laugh and slap their laps, shoulders like sisters.
6. State one of cartoon/anime that you ever watch and you remember till now. 
A lot! dragon ball. Ouran High School. etc etc. Tell ya a lot.
7. Do you sit or laying down while surfing internet?
8. Actor or actress that you want to meet so much~!?
Singer cannot ah? okay la okay, Moon Geun Young. Na chinja fan-eayo. Wanjang Fan! haha.  
9. Do you wear slipper in your house?
Yes and no. haha how to answer?
10. Choose one: Salon, sauna or hot spring? and why?
Sauna. because i never go there.
11. Why do you blog?
I dont have specific reason. It just i love to tell story and yeah its like you keep your diary and re-read it next 5 or even 10 years and feel, "whoaaa that was me back then. its not a joke, really!" then laugh at your silliness muahaha. My blog already 4 years old. 2008 debut lol. wow macam SHINee muahaha.

Done! Dear readers, feel free to take this. :)

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