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나 너무 무서워.
Written at Tuesday, July 31, 2012 | back to top

나 너무 무서워.
noumu noumu noumu musowo. chinja musowo.
i need someone to pat my shoulder and tell me.


and watch me settling things down, beside me.

jantung saya berdegup laju ketakutan brr. T_T 

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Immortal song 2 | lee taemin part 2: Performance review and recap.
Written at Wednesday, July 18, 2012 | back to top

disclamer: i am not a musician or music expert and the review is solely on my personal view. 

Today is lee taemin’s 19th birthday so I decide to write his Immortal Song 2 review part 2 on this day. Btw, this song once used to be Lee Taemin’s favorite proposal song. I don’t know whether it is still or already was though.

[Soulstar- Only one for me]

[Lee Taemin’s ver-Only one for me]

Ok. lemme start the post with an old solo stage of Lee Taemin. More than love. Original by Han Sung Min

Ini adalah genre lagu kegemaran saya. hmm, tak tau genre apa, tapi lagu yang bunyi macam ni, ala-ala lagu jepun lama, sedih dengan orchestra (?) heavy instrument (?) dekat belakang. Okay, this stage may not a wonderful stage of Lee Taemin. Yeah, his voice is somewhat weak to bring this song. But its more than happy for me to listen to this clip. Remember, Lee Taemin is not a nearly perfect idol singer like Yesung of SJ or Kim Junsu of JYJ, but he has potential to develop to that extend. Anyhow, he did sounds like Jaejoong a bit at first isn't it?

so, back to Immortal Song 2.

1. 280112 (epi35)- At least Once (original by Song Chang Sik)

Yes, he went with ballad for the first stage. Honestly, this is my second most favorite stage of lee taemin. (Later you’ll know why it is the second.) Not only among all his immortal song 2 stages, but all. all of his solo stage since debut. yes, including his romeo+juliet stage during Shinee’s concert. (I don’t know why I found his romeo+juliet solo stage was too flashy to the point of cheap (?) ok, I may sound cruel but, hmm I am his fan, yet that performance didn’t satisfies me. or maybe the cheesy song itself. but still I was listening to the audio religiously.) At least once, for me is a deep and difficult song to bring. I don’t really know about vocal and such, however from my point of view, lee taemin was unable to convey this song through his feeling 100% to the audiences. He seemed too conscious with his singing, lack of eye contact, not to mention his facial expression, muka yang tak ada perasaan. monotonous. I know he struggled to express his feeling once I looked at his face, but it failed. since this is the first stage, I believe he was too nervous to deliver such song especially without his famous talent-dancing. lee taemin looks full of confidence when he dances. So I assume all the confident he has all gone when he only needs to sit at one place without moving his body. At time like this, he only has his voice and ability to express his feeling to the audiences. Something that he lack of. Or maybe not confident of. Therefore, the stage somehow looked empty. Regardless of it, this stage managed to capture my heart.  and it does sounds good in audio. Because for me, lee taemin’s voice himself save this performance from being the worst stage of him. this ballad does suit with his beautiful voice even though he didn’t convey his emotion through this song. This is his real talent and advantage. possess a voice that suit to variety of songs thus singing with a poker face seems didn’t affect his performance much.

2. 110212 (epi37)- Goodbye City (original by Cho Young Nam)

compared from his first stage, taemin improved quite a lot when he performed Goodbye City. Taemin won in the first round over Lee Jung with this song, but then lost in the second against Junghoon. He performed this song naturally. His voice didn’t sounds strained like when he performed At least once. With a little dancing motion, run all around the stage, he really was singing from his heart. His confidence is back. He was singing happily. his facial expression proved that. Perhaps, lee taemin really is a guy who cant stand still while singing unless the stage will look empty. or die. He needs extra effects like his efforts running here and there to make his stage alive- something that I think a pro may not need it, perhaps? I don’t know. bias? I don’t know either. maybe I am just not a fan of a flashy performance. maybe.

3. 180212 (epi38)- I don’t know (original by Uhm Jung Hwa)

This is his best stage of Immortal Song 2. his eyes gaze and emotion totally opposite from his first ballad stage in IS2. lee taemin did a great job by adding emotion effects- the maturity, pain, and sadness of this song all together was blended with his husky beautiful voice and was delivered through his gaze. Nothing much to say. This stage sold me. he touched my heart. Though he didn’t win, he win my heart once again. Honestly, I listened to this song on repeat while I was walking and spending time at the Cheonggyecheon Stream last week.

4.030312 (epi40)- Terminal Mapo (original by Silver Bell Sister)

This performance is a little bit flashy to me, but never mind I love it! haha. So, the moral value is, never believe me if I ever say I don’t like, or I hate lee taemin’s stage. Be it is a flashy, cheap, full of dance, vocal out of beat even lips sync performance, please never believe me bye. As I said many times before, lee taemin looks confident and dominating stage when he is dancing. no doubt. he finished it like a pro. Yes, a pro in dancing and singing. A skillful performer. Ok he may not a great singer, not a legend, but he has developed himself to the point where he deserved to be called a great performer- able to draw people (audiences) to stick along with him throughout his performance. I guest this is what Immortal Song 2 has taught him. To be a real performer. And he won though it tied with Im Tae Kyung (musical actor) with 376 votes.

5. 170312 (epi42)- Wrongful meeting (original by Kim Gun Mo)

Honestly speaking, I don’t really like this stage. Ok I know you won’t believe it. Now I tell you, this is my least favorite performance of him. Again. it was flashy. TOO flashy. to the point of I feel it didn’t suit immortal song 2 stage. Too many movement, and the lighting, the sound. I don’t know why, but lee taemin voice is really really really weak and sounds off this time. Though people claimed it was a splendid performance but it failed to buy me. Apparently, a loyal fan who listens to him religiously like me does actually knows how to spell d-i-s-s-a-p-o-i-n-t-e-d while watching his stage. This song supposed to be a great song to sing because I enjoyed it when i listened to one of student in Dream High 1 performed this song in the drama. However, i don't know why lee taemin failed to capture me. Either taemin voice wasn't delivered clearly or Amber’s rap was too strong and didn’t match with taemin’s soft voice, both disappointed me . If and only if he didn’t makes it too flashy and the rapper wasn't Amber (I like this girl, and her rap in Fx, but she was totally out here.), Let it be Key or minho (which their voice rather suit with taemin), this performance may become one of my favorite.

6. 310312 (epi44)- When April Passed (original by Patti Kim)

Because this performance is too lovable (sarang-seurowo) for me, hence I put full episode here (taemin’s part).
first part. a little talk and performance. The "brrrrrrrrr" sound yang dia buat tu is my hobby muahaha. kalau buat mesti kena sound dengan orang. lepas ni aku boleh buat sesuka hati di mana saja sebab artis buat apa! lol pemikiran merapu apakah?
second part. talk and result.

Remember the first immortal song 2 stage is my second favorite of taemin’s, right? It falls at the second place because this performance is my most favorite one. noemu kyeowo, sarang-seuropta (too cute and lovely).. ok, cute wasn’t fit for this stage, but lovely was the most suitable adjective to use. The performance was short yet it was enough to move audiences heart. Though he looked tired and zombiefied (because he didn’t had enough sleep, to be exact didn’t sleep for 3 days to prepare Sherlock comeback), Taemin still looked dashingly handsome on the stage. When April passed was a real life proposal song. with his husky yet soft and sweet voice which blended together with a little dance move, he conveyed the song messages amazingly, complete with emotion. On top of that, I love his gaze and glare while singing. Zombiefied taemin wasn't bad after all. haha. If you propose me using this song, this stage dear lee taemin, kecil tapak tangan Hangang (Han river) saya tadahkan, indeed. haha. Awak tak payah pakai proposal song, pakai selipar jepun, pun saya terima. bukan la propose saya guna selipar jepun, tapi awak tu yang berjalan dengan selipar jepun, propose saya tepi subway pun saya terima kahkah merapu apa kbai.

7. 070412 (epi45)- Night Train (original by Lee eun ha)

Truly speak, all the vocab that can be use to describe his performance was running out of my brain. I was totally captivated. enchanted. with his voice. tell me how could I stop listen to this voice? If I cant stop listening to KRY, KJJ so does him.  yeah, watching his stage, I feel like a proud mama. lol ok a proud noona. Noona noemu yeppuh, bye.

8. 140412 (Epi46)- Be strong Geumsoon-ah (original by Hyunin)


Talk and Result.

Lee taemin came with a long hair for his Sherlock promotional. The length exactly the same with mine. It is really troublesome for me to grow my hair long yet he get it only in one day. celebrity. brr! -.- okay back to the crucial part. This song is a very very very old song. I assume it is an old folk song since he did mentions it, this song was composed during war to comfort people or something like that. A 90's something baby sing an old piece like that. I bet he even never or barely heard of that song too. Me too, A 90's baby. And i can imagine how difficult to understand and old piece, something that off of my era, something that 30, 40 years older than me, or even more. something with historical value. Nonetheless, Lee taemin managed to convey it well and he seemed matured and all grown up while he brought this song. 

8. 210412 (epi 47)- Estatic confession 


Talk and result.

Time sure flies so fast. This is Taemin's last stage. I feel a little bit sad because the opportunity was really short yet i'm grateful because it is not as short as jonghyun and yesung. This might not my most favorite stage. However, again, this performance sold me. I don't have any complain with his dance. His dancing vibes sexy aura. i love it brr! -.- And lee taemin singing trot, it was something fresh. He showed everything he has, each efforts he made at this final stage. He won 3 times in a row over No Brain, Ali and Lyn with 375 votes though he lost his chance to be the final winner against Im Taekyung with 394 votes.

To recap everything, Immortal song 2 was a great chance for Lee Taemin to show himself as Lee Taemin the singer, dancer and performer in stead of Lee Taemin the maknae of Shinee. Immortal song 2 is a stepping stone for him to develop himself. I believe no ones would realize his real talent and ability even he himself, if he never made to this show. I still remember he used to say there is time when he was a little bit disappointed because his singing part was removed from Shinee songs due to his weak voice (bcos of puberty) and want more singing part and will work hard to catch up with Onew and Jonghyun and surpass them. Through immortal song 2 stage, he improved, promptly. It was proven with Shinee's Sherlock comeback. Taemin voice sounds different from back then. and nowadays he receive a lot of attention too. Does it because he is reaching 20 years old, no longer a cute boy but a grown up man, or because of his vocal and personality improved a lot within those nearly 2 years of Shinee without local activities? I don't know.I hope it is the latter. However either way, both implies that he has improved a lot and catching up with the rest of Shinee members.

The only thing i hope is, lee taemin who seems always intimidated by his hyungs and other sunbaes, lack of confidence because he is the maknae, will grow up, and built more and more confidence especially towards singing and able to shine, spread his wings as a singer and be a lee taemin that i can proud of as a fan even more. Selagi anda mahu menyanyi, selagi itu saya akan jadi audience awak, till forever. muahaha. ok saya cakap benda yang sama untuk jaejoong jugak. KRY pun kbye.

p/s: while writing this entry, writer was listening to Teentop-Angel non stop, solely because she loves "eonje bwado sarangseuroun, eonje bwado neomuna yeppun" lines. Perempuan ni memang macam ni, kbai.

With Love, 

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SPA & KKM interview
Written at Thursday, July 5, 2012 | back to top

Saya berhutang entry immortal song 2 review of Lee Taemin kan? Nanti saya tulis lepas balik Korea ok? Haha.

Anyway! Lets back to the title. So yeah, semalam i went to Putrajaya untuk interview post pegawai farmasi gred U41. Alhamdulillah things went well. Mula-mula lepas dapat name list dari USM rasa macam nak pengsan tengok nama panel Mr. Perumal dan google muka nampak macam garang. Dalam kepala ohmaigod matila aku matila aku. Orang lain semua dapan panel tuan haji which is dalam kepala tipikal malay tuan haji mesti baik-baik punya. Sebab haji kan. Ok ini bukan racist, tp serius dekat portal SPA muka encik Perumal sangat garang.

Since, saya hari kedua, so bila tanya tips dari budak hari first dia orang kata bilik panel 02 which is Encik Perumal sangat relax and santai. So, kurang sikit stress di situ. Hehe.

So masa interview baru saya realize, memang Encik Perumal dengan partner dari kementerian kesihatan (KKM) dia sangat baik. Very nice! Err to be compared to tuan haji tuan haji yang suka tanya isu politics and dalam kerajaan segala kabinet dan dasar-dasarnya which is remaja belia macam aku yang merasakan politik Malaysia ni macam sampah, so i dont care about it lol. Dan wakil KKM bilik lain jugak sangat scary. So yeah, i believe, Allah memudahkan urusan saya dengan cara yang saya tak ter-imagine.

So yesterday, masuk-masuk bilik je dengan ramahnya encik Perumal kata, "jangan takut-takut, kita sembang-sembang je." so yeah i gain my confident there. XD

P: (belek-belek resume saya) okay, Nurul, kamu suka warna apa? Hijau? Biru?

Me: (eh? Macam tercengang haha) saya suka color pink. P: ohh pink. (he laughed together dengan puan dari KKM kat sebelah. Mungkin sangat rare orang jawab pink, kut?)

P: okay, since you're the last one, ramai dah orang masuk dengan kelebihan masing-masing apa kelebihan kamu yang lain dari mereka yang boleh menyumbang kepada bidang farmasi ni?

Me: saya mudah berkerjasama dengan orang, cepat belajar, dan saya boleh bercakap dengan pelbagai jenis orang tak kira umur, jadi mudah untuk kaunselling, dan orang lain mungkin tak gemar aktiviti sosial dan kebajikan, tapi saya suka, jadi kalau FRP saya kena posting dekat KKM saya tak ada masalah nak buat aktiviti public health. (then, mr perumal pun mula la tanya pasal know your medicine campaign dengan kalau kena bagi ceramah pasal compliance, pasal ubat palsu dengan yang betul semua boleh ke bagi? Saya dengan confident jawab boleh, tak ada masalah. haha.

P: sekarang orang ramai suka ambil ubat tradisional. So, kalau patient you datang kata tak mau makan ubat hospital, apa tindakan you?

Me: bla bla bla

P: ok good good.

KKM: kenapa kamu pilih farmasi? Memang suka atau disuruh atau macam mana?

Me: (macam soalan zaman year 1 ni haha) bla bla bla.

KKM: your future planing?

Me: kalau boleh masa FRP nanti saya nak continue serve dekat bahagian Chemotherapy Drug Constituition (CDR).

KKM: oh another person yang suka bidang oncology. Since oncology ada dua cabang, satu clinical another one, manufacturing, so why you choose manufacturing sebab kita sebagai perempuan selalu ada rasa takut untuk involve dengan ubat-ubat chemo since dia sangat berbahaya. Kenapa you pilih nak jadi orang belakang tabir ni?

Me: sebab saya minat chemo drugs kut. Saya rasa dia unik sebab kebanyakan orang takut dengan chemo drugs tapi saya rasa kalau kita urus dengan berhati-hati dengan cermat peluang chemo drugs untuk membahayakan kita sangat rendah. Dan saya pun nak sampaikan mesej dekat orang lain yang chemo drugs ni tak adalah menakutkan sangat kalau kita handle dengan baik. Bla bla bla lagi apa tah aku cakap. (ok ini pendapat jujur sebab aku memang minat CDR sejak clerkship CDR dulu haha. Ok bukan sebab preceptor dulu chinese hensem maka aku terpengaruh bukan ok bukan haha)

KKM: jadi perlu ke orang belakang tabur macam kamu ni nauk ward jumpa patient?

Me: perlu. Bla bla bla.

P: okay. Done. She is good. Kamu jangan risau semuanya berjalan dengan lancar dan licin.

Me: terima kasih dan keluar.

I cant believe it aku duduk dalam tu cuma 10 minit mungkin. Its like wah sekejap giler! Keke. And thank god panel yang alu takut masa mula-mula dapat name list turn out to be panel yang sangat baik dan membantu. :)

Btw, pasal CDR tu selain alu memang berminat, aku banyak terpengaruh dengan Madam Fatimah kut nasa dia cerita experience dia dekat CDR zaman sebelum jadi lecturer dulu. Dia kata rasa dia lain dari screening, prepare, dispense ubat-ubat lain sebab dia bahaya dan cancer patients kan adalah patients yang sangat mengkasihankan dan betul-betul perlukan bantuan. Jadi rasa kepuasa berkhidmat belakang tabir tolong cancer patients ni lebih sikit. Dan aku menyetujui kata-kata kevturer muda sorang tu. hehe. Takut tu mengang la takut kata dia, tapi itu tugas kita kan?

With love,
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