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Written at Tuesday, June 5, 2012 | back to top

You know me and my annoying habit, never talk about relationship and marriage seriously. because i am still young. Haha no lah. Because for me relationship, marriage and making family, they come with responsibility. So, gila kau perempuan makan megi ni kalau tiba-tiba ayah dia bawak balik calon suruh kawin sekarang, dia nak bagi laki dia makan apa? Megi goreng? Haha baik belasah mee goreng mamak. -.-"

Okay, back to the topic. When people (usually gossipers. First degree relative aku tak pernah pun macam ni.) asked something like "bila nak kawin?" or "ada boyfriend?"i just shrugged, laughed, baik sikit aku jawab "tunggu A" okay bear in mind A itu adalah celebrities. Haha vain fml. Full stop. Ibu aku memang geleng kepala je bila aku jawab merapu macam tu.

Then, one day, my friend talked bout this matter seriously, and she asked me seriously, "nurul rasa bila nak kawin?" and aku bersikap acuh tak acuh menjawab, "tunggu A." then she asked me back, "kalau A betul betul jodoh nurul, nurul nak ke dia convert islam, ajar dia islam?" and i was like, "ehh?" oi are you expecting me to do missionary or what? Why should i? Aku main main je kut. Tapi tu dalam hati jela sebab aku memang terdiam sampai ke sudah. Simple. Because i never think this matter seriously up to that level. Since then, i never answer like that anymore. Especially to people who just dont take (i rather to use understand) jokes. That was me back then. Main cakap sesuka hati tanpa fikir consequences pun. Sekarang tak lagi. Cewahh.

Anyway! Yes, islam is not something you can keluar dan masuk, back and forth as you please. Islam is not a marriage ticket. Islam is beyond than wearing rosary beads on your hand everyday. *marshmellow with sweet beautiful voice poping up in my mind haha*

Those are the reasons why i unabled to answer her back then. Oh tapi tiba-tiba aku patut jawab, "dah kalau dah jodoh pandai la he finds way to be my jodoh at the end of the day, kan." puahahahaha nak sangat! Brr i guess i can never be serious after all. Anyhow, on top of that, for an average girl like me to dream of a guy who live in a country that never consider beauty is only skin deep..... its such a vain dream. meaningless. Yet. despite. all. the. realities. and. seriousness, i am still doing that for fun lol double vain. -.-"

With love,
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