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Rant or review? silky girl gel eyeliner double intense 01 pure black.
Written at Friday, June 1, 2012 | back to top

Hey ya.

I'm really into gel eyeliner nowadays. blame it on my room mates for this. Well, because it is easier to apply as compared to pencil or liquid. so I bought Silky Girl double intense gel liner 01 pure black from Mydin for RM 19.90 just because this is the only product available in drugstore/supermarket at HUSM area. haha super pathetic fml. No elianto or etude house here, only watson available haha. Kau nak mention yang made in korea aje kan HAHA. Oh wait, we got elianto at KB Mall, unfortunately I can not use my feet to reach there only to buy thing that I'll only use it once awhile hahahaha. Hmm, Silky Girl product is cheaper some more. Another reason for a cheapskate-stingy-super-duper-poor-student like me to choose this product. Haha double loser -.- Yes la I am cheapskate and this is my talent. booo.

The color is good. You don't need to apply them to much to make the color appear clearly, dramatically on your eyelids. Perfectly suit the intense word, at least for me HAHA. The brush is a little bit hard though, but it works on me. With my not so lembut-artistic hand haha wth. The packaging (the brush is attached (?) ah idk how to say, to the cap) is helpful for a careless-unattentive-forgetful person who always lose or misplace her things like me hahaha. And, on top of that, I've searched on some reviews either from pro, amateur or just a little kid beginner like me and most of them quite satisfied with this product. [example of review] and that was the ULTIMATE REASON why i bought this product. Remember, I am a cheapskate monster, never buy anything that would not benefit me, wth this is lie. lie. lie! haha.

My eyelids are troublesome-really-hard-to-please one. No matter either it is pencil or liquid or gel liner, it just never stay on my lids forever fml. i can't draw line at the inner part of my lids using pencil at all. To make it worst, liquid or gel will vanish 10x faster than my drawing speed, like this silky girl gel liner did to me wth -.-" at least the pencil one wont waste my energy bcoz i know the outcomes already. whereas, for the outer part, it will stray and smudge before i even manage to cross the road in front of my hostel to the hospital. brrrr. T___T

Oh yes, now I know my eyelids are very the celebrity, wont work with Elianto, Silky Girl, IN2IT. Probably, they will cooperate with more expensive product like Bobby Brown at least. cehs damn you oily eyelids. Oklah oklah I'll give up. The product suits it price la. Oh my 20 bucks. If its not for this stupid me item I can use it for 4 days meals ok sobs. this double intense gel liner is not a wonderful eyeliner yet for me it is quite a decent product actually. But then, we shoud not expect the Rm19++ product gives a miracle and work perfectly on oily eyelids like mine. It may turn out well on normal skin, who knows. idk.I envy those who possess a good skin and can go with anything joyously without fail cehs. Hahahaha.

p/s: I am practicing my English here so that if I bump into Key during our S.Korea trip next month I can discuss this kinda things further with him. Nanti aku praktis cakap korea orang tak paham pulak, sudah la readers dua tiga ketul je hahahaha. jadah apa kau nak berangan nak tersempak dengan celeberity dekat sana? Malaysia besar nyamuk yang artisnya jenis selamba shopping kat supermarket pun kau tak pernah terserempak, ini kan pulak korea selatan sebesar pola bear, tambah pulak artisnya keluar sorok-sorok macam baru lepas bunuh orang kau berangan nak bertembung dengan dia orang. Sudahlah berangan. HAHA.Eh tapi hari tu aku makan sebelah meja Shahir kat kopitiam. Eh tak, Shahir yang makan sebelah meja aku, sebab kami yang masuk dulu kopitiam tu. wakakaka. Tapi aku tak ambil gambar pun dia. Tumpang happy kawan aku sambil tolong habiskan dia punya chicken cop dia sebab dia dah kenyang gambar dengan Shahir. haha comel kan kawan aku? sebab aku dapat makan free grr wth -.-

Eh, why must Key? because Taemin seems can only say few sentences like "would you like, to something drink? and "one more time please?" or "Emma Watson, Kaya Scodelario" while Jonghyun with his, "i'm sorry." or "not me!" as in Hello Baby and Donghae with his "i'm Thai." Haha. Plus I dont want to talk to Siwon either. Wakakaka sooooo good at trolling others huh? like yours is a good one. Well, I am not an English teacher. HAHA.

With love,

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