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Of Drug information service (DIS) clerkship and Pusat Racun Negara (PRN)
Written at Friday, November 4, 2011 | back to top


this week was great. great great great! haha. DIS clerkship menarik. Tomorrow balik rumah. and Protect The Boss rocks! *nyanyi miracle-SJ. life could get betterr~~!* okay tak boleh blah, ketuk kepala sendiri.

jom cerita pasal clerkship.

Hospital activities macam answering drug inquires simulation and evaluation of adverse drug reaction form using Naranjo Scale were interesting. I can see how the real situation works. and more faham tentang Naranjo scale yang Dr. Bala explain dalam lecture Managing Adverse Drug Reaction untuk subject Clinical Pharmacy yang super mengantuk tu.

long story short, saya dah mula nampak sikit macam mana drug information service works dekat hospital. Besides doing evaluation of adverse drug reaction, answering drug inquires, DIS pharmacists need to do lotta administrative/management works la. its quite ok lah for me. Need to be so informative, got super wide knowledge and updated and yeah love to do management kind of things. For me, is so-so. I still like ward rounding or counseling patients (something related to education/educating people) because that way i feel like i'm sharing or contributing something to masyarakat.

then at Pusat Racun Negara punya activities also quite interesting ones except activities yang kena go through materials to be exact lecture slides then cari apa yang tak faham. boring la activiti tu. Then answering poisoning case calls simulation sangat best. The activity bagi gambaran macam mana nak handle calls dari doctors, pharmacists or public bila they all call pusat racun untuk dapatkan maklumat tentang managing poisoning cases. Memang seronok la sebab masa tu kita dapat belajar macam mana gather information dari doctors yang mostly bagi data tak cukup or tak specific and belajar how to cari jawapan dengan pantas dan tepat. Best!

And skop kerja dekat Pusat Racun for me is interesting. Is not just answering poisoning case calls but involves dengan public health punya activities macam educate people tentang healthcare awareness, pergi sekolah-sekolah ke, smoking cessation program ke and other public health related activities. Dekat Pusat Racun macam banyak kena belajar from scratch la sebab dalam B.Pharmacy memang tak ada dedahkan sangat tentang poison which is quite berbeza la dengan DIS hospital sebab of course DIS answer drug inquires kan yang some of the drugs punya principles kita dah pernah go through masa undergrad.

So yeah, pusat racun macam masuk je senarai tempat untuk minta kerja ( if post yang kosong banyak tu belum diisi la) after 1+1 hospital training and service je nanti. Well living in Penang quite seronok too. haha. oh yea, for those yang tak tahu, pusat racun negara located in usm, dalam kompleks bagunan yang sama dengan pharmacy school.

Oh anather activity dalam DIS clerkship is on-call activity. Yang ini saya cerita next entry lah.

So yea, happy cuti!

byebye! ^^

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