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Ala budak yang susah nak bangun tu,
Written at Thursday, September 29, 2011 | back to top

Phone was ringing like 15 min but too lazy to pick up the call. Siapa suruh letak atas meja?

Light brown bubble: A
Green bubble: me

Haha. Daripada mamai mamai bangun reply misscall terus tergelak. She really can read me huh? Haha. But guess? That chingu ala the one yang her sms was in green bubble tu me lah me si budak cerdik tu pergi sambung tidur balik. asdfghasdgh! Haha. Dekat lecture hall tak berani nak cakap haus nanti kantoi sambung tidur :P

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#2 Three beautiful things today| School friend, Thanks, Exercise
Written at Sunday, September 25, 2011 | back to top

1) Met my school friend at pesta convo. She had convo ceremony today. Sadly cant take pictures with her wearing jubah since i kinda late (got group discussion) and she was rushing too D: gambar dengan bunga pun ok la. (:

2) Sunday means no bus. Thank god there was someone baik hati dropped me at library.

3) Yes i walked from tapak convo to my room. Yeah excercise excercise!

proud still can live in that messy room.

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#1 | Three beautiful things today | Classes, Birthdays, Souvenir
Written at Thursday, September 22, 2011 | back to top

1) Had a great Applied Therapeutic classes today.

Puan Fatima: Saya nak sorang melayu sorang cina sorang india volunteer keluar cepat.

silent. Nobody cares. Class rep stood up.

Puan Fatima: Saya tak nak class rep. orang lain. cepat.

again. No responds.

Puan Fatima: Ini kena paksa rela ni.

Pointed out to 3 students.

Puan Fatima: Sekarang kamu 3 orang boleh kemas barang pergi tapak convo buat counselling dekat sana. Cik Hadzliyana mintak saya 3 orang budak final year buat counselling dekat sana. Kamu dikecualikan dari pergi kelas saya.

2) Two of my good friends are goin to celebrate their birthday on 23rd sept. A real life friend and a virtual friend miss kiheeee. Happy Birthday girls! oh yeah, both are EverLastingFriends (ELF). go Google what ELF is. (: [In case you don't know them]

3) Get a pair of wooden chopstick as souvenir from a new friend who had convocation ceremony today. and givin her a small pink rose as a token for her big day also.

a: Nurul makan pakai chopstik jugak kan?

This post is inspired by her [Threebeautifulthings] . Yes, she posted 3 positive things she experienced in a day. Happiness is the key (:

p/s: ignore the quality of the images. blame it on that stupid low quality camera of Ipod 4. My android is even better. shessh.

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Written at Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | back to top

A: You should be happy forever.
B: You are not wrong. Love is free.
C: Do not worry, she will be happy forever with you.

Imagine if they, A, B and C found my blog? -__-" oh they wont understand. 99.99% sure. no worries.

see. told you. I'm so random. and talk craps. haha.

hey, can i be that she? haha. random again. forget it. #just sayin.

Ok, case studies. i'm comin. (:

Written at Saturday, September 17, 2011 | back to top

if time can be like an hourglass, i'll keep all those beautiful memories and flip it over and over again.

well said. but rn, if time can be like an hourglass, i'll keep those sand, flip it over and over till i master, at least applied therapeutic book.

another unproductive day.
sigh. stupid nurul. Zzz.

ok, forget that. i bought CJ ytday. after so long. -_-"

kisah perjalanan mencari tuhan. semoga dia tak berhabuk sekianterimakasih.

Wèishéme qián bù cháng de shù? (为什么不长的树?) -__-
sebab tu kadang-kadang saya tak suka keluar.

wifi sucks.wtshit.

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Written at Friday, September 16, 2011 | back to top


Guess? im start missing home now. That tecik girl yang manja tu, i miss her a lot.

i miss this kind of conversation also.

A: adik buaya kat mana?

B: Kat atash.

A: atas mana?

B: Atas pupung (bumbung).

A: adik jom tengok alien.

B: Adik yakut (takut).

A: jom main mercun.

B: Adik yakut..!

A: gunting rambut?

B: tak nak! adik yakut!

A: Adik meh sini.

B: tak nak! tebuk (sibuk) je.
seriously, this week is such a long week. facing those case studies make me tired. And i hate lecturers asking also. Just to remind you, this is only first week of semester Nurul. FIRST WEEK. There will be a lot of things coming later. but anyways, i love today's pharmacoepi class. For the first time i think statistic is quite interesting topic if we understand it. thanks miss Chua. Oh her name is Gin Nie, remind me of Ginie~Sowoneul malhaebwa. (:

p/s: i just change my templete. but i think, if i'm updating blog, people might not see it on the side bar. anyone knows how to solve it?

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Kdrama review: You’ve fallen for me (heartstrings)
Written at Saturday, September 10, 2011 | back to top



actually, I was planning to review each episodes secara detail. tapi sebab saya tengok secara marathon, so tak jadi la nampaknya. Heartstrings, again cerita yang basic dia is music. traditional vs modern music, then fused untuk musical theatre.

I chose to watch this drama of course sebab lead characters dia, park shin hye dengan jung yong hwa. I’m not a fan of you’re beautiful but I’ve watched it 3-4 times (because I don’t have any other things to do. haha). and of course I’m rooting for shin woo (played by jung yong hwa) and min nam (played by park shin hye). tapi, dah shin woo cuma sekadar gurdian angel, maka tak kesampaian la hasrat untuk melihant shin woo tak kecewa. jadi, siapa yang suka park shin hye dengan jung yong hwa been paired as lead characters (hero heroin) boleh tengok heartstrings.

oh. and another one. saya lagi suka park shin hye-jung yong hwa daripada seohyun-yong hwa sejak dulu lagi walaupun saya fan goguma couple. haha. mungkin sebab you’re beautiful keluar dulu sebelum goguma couple. dan saya tengok park shin hye-jung yong hwa dulu. peace!

so, it started with this, (hey saya pun suka le lagu ni. haha)

lee kyu won (park shin hye) dah terjatuh hati dekat lelaki paling popular universiti, lee shin (jung yong hwa) masa tengok performance band dia, dan berakhir jadi slave pak cik tersebut. dalam banyak-banyak fans shin ni, yang boleh dia suka, kalau dah cerita korea memang tak sah kalau watak lelaki utama tak crush dengan nuna (kakak/perempuan yang lebih tua) kalau tak, shinee tak kan nyanyi replay ~nuna neomu yeppu~ haha. balik cerita asal, lelaki kacak lagi popular ni suka dengan professor jung, lecturer yang mengajar tarian dekat universiti dia orang. cuma yang saya suka dalam ni, professor jung tak pernah suka shin, jadi drama ni tak ada adegan cinta 3 segi rebut-rebut hero, rebut-rebut heroin. mungkin producer dah faham penonton drama dah muak dengan cerita cinta bersegi-segi. terima kasih encik producer. haha.


Kyu won: Didn't you know it would turn out like this? Did you think that if you'd kept up your one-sided love, the professor would eventually fall for you one day?

Shin: You... Do you like me?

kyu won: What?

Shin: Do you think by acting this way, I'll give up on Professor and come to like you?

Kyu Won: Lee Sin.

Shin: It doesn't matter who you like, because I don't care at all. So, you too... should stop caring about me.


hs 6hs 7

Lee Kyu Won: Shin is crying.I should be the first one to tell him...it's all right...nothing will go wrong. But now Sin is in someone else's arms. Not in mine, but in someone else's arms.


hs 9hs 8

Kyu Won: I found the necklace. I... am going to do what you told me to. From now on, no matter who you like, or how much you're hurting because of her... I won't care anymore.

Shin: What?

Kyu Won: I... don't like you, anymore. And now, this marks the end to our slave contract. Oh. About your father... I'm sorry for your loss. Though I know saying this won't comfort you. I'm leaving.

Shin: Lee Gyu Won.Thank you.

Kyu Won: This is the first time, you called me by my name. I'm leaving.


hs 1hs 2

Shin: Lee Gyu Won.

Kyu Won: Mmm?

Shin: About you liking me...don't give up.

Kyu Won: What?

Shin: About you liking me... I'm saying, don't give up.

Kyu Won: What do you mean? You... do you like me? So you are saying, that even though you don't like me, you still want me to continue liking you?

Shin: What?

Kyu Won: Don't kid yourself! Who do you think you are? Did other women fall for you when you tried this? Narcissism has its limits.

ada ke confess kat orang ayat tergantung macam tu. kalau saya pun mengamuk kalau jadi perempuan tu. = ="


a year later.lepas shin dengan kyu won break up. lepas kyu won berjaya jadi musical actress. lepas director kim dengan professor jung married. lepas tangan shin sakit tak boleh main gitar lagi. lepas semua orang berubah.

hs 4hs 3

Kyu Won: Hey! Lee Shin! You bad guy!

Shin: I told you not to find me.I won't participate in the performance.

Kyu Won: Why didn't you tell me? Why did you hide it from me? The director told me everything. If you're sick, just say you're sick. I didn't know anything, and just went on hating you. Forget it. Fine. I will really start to hate you from now on.


the ending. hey saya suka dua lagu ni. the day we fall in love-park shin hye dengan you’ve fallen for me-jung yong hwa.  best. best! abaikan kissing scene yang kat depan tu. saya cari yang part performance je tak jumpa pulak.

hs 10hs 11

lagi satu, kang min hyuk (drummer CN blue) yang memang sedia cute menjadi super comel dalam ni rasa nak penampar je. haha. mengarut. tapi serius, asik tunggu bila nak keluar scene min hyuk ni. Ada ke Narsha B.E.G bertukar jadi Natasha. Perempuan yang jadi Hui Ju ni pun cute jugak. Watak jahat dia pun okay sebab jahat yang tak annoying. tapi tak kenal dia sebab penyanyi baru ni.

hs 5

my favorite couple dalam ni. memang la kyu won dengan lee shin cute and sweet bila kejap-kejap gaduh, kejap karang baik dengan lee shin yang sangat take care semua tu. tapi bila fikir balik couple yang macam tu tak practical in real life. couple yang practical macam professor jung dengan director kim ni. tak ada cemburu, dah tak ada salah faham segala, fikir panjang semua. tak ada terpengaruh dengan hasutan orang. mungkin sebab couple ni pernah bercinta gaya lee shin dengan kyu won masa zaman belajar, lepas tu putus, lepas tu jumpa balik bila masing-masing dah matang, couple macam ni baru layak nak kawin. sebab tu saya selalu cakap nak kawin bila dah stabil semua, fikiran dah matang masing-masing. oh ya, suka tengok professor jung senyum. cantik le.


saya suka ni jugak. carmen fantasy by the stupids &the windflower. smart la bunyi bila they all arrange traditional music dengan guitar, bass, drum punya bunyi jadi satu music. entah tak tau nak sebut apa, aku bukan budak music. haha.

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goodbye messy room
Written at | back to top

today im goin back penang, dakara, goodbye seri alam, goodbye messy-elfish-room, goodbye wifi, goodbye all.

crying. ;_; i dont wanna back penang. can ah? can ah?


wordless wednesday #1 : edisi raya 2011
Written at Wednesday, September 7, 2011 | back to top


SAM_0314   SAM_0006SAM_0047   SAM_0056SAM_0059   SAM_0062SAM_0149   SAM_0176SAM_0190   SAM_0218SAM_0229   SAM_0247SAM_0279   SAM_0292SAM_0296   SAM_0153

SAM_0077              SAM_0048

SAM_0212             SAM_0216

SAM_0285            SAM_0300

location: tanah merah kelantan.

date: 1st syawal & 2nd syawal

amek kau terus wordless wednesday gambar raya saya. yang kecik comel tu adik bongsu I, yang kawin tu aunty saya sebelah ibu.

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white flag?
Written at Monday, September 5, 2011 | back to top

location: B's messy room.

9.39 am

half asleep. phone's ringing.
wait? the ringtone? it is IU's someday rite? izit real or just a dream? again, wait? it's from my phone or lappy? er, lappy? i'm very sure zhi shao hai you ni is on repeat. or my ears got problem?

11.45 am

again. the same ringtone?

11.54 am

A: hello, kenapa..? i tak tau melayu.
B: ohh. aaaah.. hmm.
A: kenapa?
B: saya lupa tanya, u sudah dapat kuih dari kakak kan?
A: kuih ah? sudah. sudah.
B: okay. then, u makan daging kan? err, u bukan Buddhist kan?
A: makan.
B: okay.i lupa cakap, kuih hari tu ada yang ada daging, i takut u tak makan daging, takut i salah bagi, susahlah.
A: oh. tak apa. tak apa. i apa-apa boleh.
B: okay. itu je. bye.
A: bye.

sigh. white flag.

its all bcuz of an sms from B to A askin him whether he is vegetarian or not. how could she forgot this issue all these time until yesterday. and its not malay. too. ok, few malay words.

moral of the story:

never never fall in love with korean guys. some of korean guys dont read malay/english. to be exact alphabets. they read characters. chinese, kanji, hangul. those things. thank you. bye.


sesaje ^^
Written at Sunday, September 4, 2011 | back to top

Hi, assalamualaikum semua.

raya dah habis, cuti dah habis, bersama mission yang tak tercapai seperti mendaownload drama korea jepun taiwan kegemaran sekali gus menonton secara marathon, atau yang mulia sikit mengulangkaji pharmacokinetic supaya bahasa kasarnya tak serupa orang bodoh terpinga-pinga tak tau apa bila naik sem nanti atau mission yang sederhana tak berapa nak lagha tapi tak la nak baik sangat macam menghabiskan koleksi-koleksi novel yang berlambak-beli-je-baca-tidak tu. tak kiralah novel malay ke english ke, semua tersadai. jangan tak tau, collection novel hlovate penulis kegemaran saya pun tersadai tak terbaca ini pulak yang lain. balik-balik dibacanya AA+BB tu sampai muntah. balik-balik mengkhatam genkey, sin chan, ntah apa lagi comic sampai hafal. beli novel tu semua pun tak guna kalau tak tersentuh-sentuh. bila nampak semua nak beli. baca malas. nasib baik aku tak boleh baca chinese, kanji, hangul, kalau tak nampak novel mandarin ke jepun ke yang kulit depan classic ada bulan, calligraphy cantik sikit lepas tu sinopsis pun bunyi cerita zaman lama, itu pun nanti aku sibuk nak beli, lepas tu buat habuk je kat rumah. teruk betul perangai.

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ni baru sikit yang dulu capture dekat penang hari tu. yang dekat seri alam berkotak-kotak tak usah kata. *pengsan* sorry la gambar tak cantik sebab malas nak upload baru kebas dari twitpic huduh pulak bila resize. yang cantik sikitnya click ni. (:

eh membebel pasal diri sendiri je dah cukup patah perkataan buat rumusan, okaylah, saje meleter taknak kasi blog bersawang. nak cerita pasal raya esok-esok la ya. gambar kawin dalam camera lagi. bukan saya la yang kawinnya.