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A story about people' hearts.
Written at Sunday, May 22, 2011 | back to top


human’s heart changes. There is no such thing called forever in the world.

-song yi soo, 49 days-


hmm, if i think of it again, that quote is true. ah, i just remember something. A story told by one of my long distance friend, long time ago. to be exact, my online friend.


she has a little sister. 8 years younger than her. During her sister was so little around 2 years old, their mum passed away. Then, they both lived with their dad alone. During weekdays, they will be sent to their granny house. Well, my friend doesn’t mind that because she always went to their house since she was a little baby and always pampered by them. But, her little sister, who was still too little to know how cruel this world are, grown up with only love received from grandparents and dad.

Two years later, her dad decided to re-marry again. Their life back to normal again. They no longer be sent to grandparents house during weekdays, and their new mum loves them very much, especially her sister. She pampered her, anywhere they went, that little kid only wanted to be accompanied by their new mum, sat on her lap when they watched tv and slept with her. My friend feels glad and happy for her sister. At last, that little kid get an opportunity to receive love from a woman called mum.

But, good things won’t last forever. because, human’s heart changes. After their new mum has her own baby, she started to discriminate things. she started to yell at them especially her sister. Now, their family has grown big. That mum attitude always changing, sometimes she shows that she really cares, but sometimes she can turn to be a monster. My friend, she never complain a thing because she knows how much her dad loves their family and her new mum brought happiness to her dad and she really thankful to that mother because without her, both of them won’t grow up as a normal person who has both mother and father.

But still, there is one thing she regrets on, why does her new mum never shows her love toward that little sister, who is now in middle school, anymore, after she has her own kids? That little sister always been emotionally abused by her, and that kid grown up as a stubborn and stoic person. On top of that, my friend don't understand why their new mum seems like holding an anger and resentment toward her sister? Why that girl who was learned to manage herself by her own since she entered elementary school, ironed her school uniform herself, played alone in her room has to receive that kind of treatments? That’s the only thing my friend doesn’t understand. luckily, their dad still love that little kid much, dad’s love toward her little sister never changes, never sways even a little bit.

Now, that girl doesn’t live in their house because her school is near to granny house, so she decided to stay in granny house. My friend said, she is really happy because her sister seems happy and live well there.


Nampak tak, macam mana senangnya hati manusia berubah. ini baru contoh family. i’ve no cooment on this. tapi satu je saya boleh kata,


good cooks, expert in cleaning and doing house cores, don’t make you a good mother. Those things are what a housekeeper also do. A real good mother is a woman who understand her kids well and love them dearly, unconditionally.


If you don’t even know what is your kid’s favorite food, don’t called yourself a mum. that’s what i learned from a drama-Partner. :)

ah, this story adalah cerita one of my online friend which i happened to read it lama-lama-laaama dulu. cerita yang sedih sampai saya tak reti nak cerita in malay. sebab saya takut saya pun nangis. haha. sebenarnya, i think, she was planning to private this post, so only her can read it. but some error occurred, and i happened to access it before she corrected it. Thus, she never knows that i know this story. That friend, is a really good and warm person, always cheerful, love her family much, to the extend that i never expect she ever experience this before. oh yeah, she is not Malaysian, so don't bother to find her. haha. Fandom friend? hmm, entahlah. how long i’ve been involved with fandom things, you think? :)