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A story about people' hearts.
49 days episode 19: Yi soo-Yi Kyung real goodbye.
49 days ep 17,18,19 : finally, such a relief, but....
49 days: episode 16- this episode rules.
himnaeyo, you're not all alone now.
lololol i super love this! XD
49 days: To live or not to live?
Walaupun sama tinggi dengan Ayumi Hamasaki tapi te...
Rising sun: The sun ain’t raising anymore.
TVXQ gonna perform Rising Sun at Music Bank?


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49 days episode 20 [the end]: the last cruel gift, real goodbye.
Written at Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | back to top


Hi, Assalamualaikum.

Here we go again, 49 days. Episode akhir. Final goodbye. This episode was too cruel. and i cried really hard.

Untitled1 Untitled2

Ji hyun: I thought only dead people can see the Scheduler and...I still remember...Why do I remember my 49 days?

Scheduler: This is your last.. cruel gift. You can give back the gift if you don't want it.

Ji Hyun: What does it all mean? I... am going to die?

Scheduler: I got my last schedule, and the name of the last person I will escort.. is you, Shin Ji Hyun. Your expected date of death is six days from now.

Ji Hyun: What?

Scheduler: But you went through the 49 days, and received the 3 tears. So you were given the opportunity to remember the 49 days journey. These are the instructions given from above.

Ji Hyun: So you are asking me, to choose whether or not to remember those 49 days?

Scheduler: If you're not willing... On the sixth day... you will see me for the first time.

Ji Hyun: So you're saying, I... will die after five days?

Scheduler: From the day you were born to that final day... is your given fate.

Me too. Bukan kamu sorang je tak boleh terima, me too shin Ji Hyun. Lepas bersusah-payah untuk survived dalam masa 47 hari, tiba-tiba, you are really going to die after few days? like, what the hell?


Ah, dari awal saya dah agak ada sesuatu yang tak kena dengan orang terakhir dalam scheduler punya schedule masa episode 18, but i never expect that person would be ji hyun after she survived her travel. Saya cuma fikir, mungkin that person adalah Song Yi Kyung, but am i was too immature and influenced by fairy tales? by things like they will live happily ever after?


Scheduler: Are you angry? You would want to let your anger out.

Ji Hyun: Who will I get angry at? Why must I get angry? No matter how angry I am, no matter how unfair it is and no matter how upset I am, I know there's nothing that can be done.. No matter how much I beg.

Scheduler: Yes, there is something that's out of human control, and that is life and death.



Ji Hyun: If I didn't have my 49 days, father's company would probably be in Kang Min Ho's hands now. Because of the betrayal of my fiancé and my friend, I could have had a nervous breakdown. I might not have been able to overcome that shock and committed suicide and died. Is this my fate?


Untitled5 Untitled6

ji hyun: Because of these 49 days, I was able to receive Kang's love. I was able to feel love... and was able to protect my father’s company. And I was able to look back on the life that I had lived. Sometimes I feel very lucky. If I died without knowing any of these things, I'd be a dead person that lived a fake life.

Yi Kyung: Then why are you pretending that you don't remember anything?

Ji Hyun: I'm going to die anyway. I want to leave the impression of being happy. Pass away as the naive, cheerful, and carefree Shin Ji Hyun. I thought I could just die quietly. But with you Unni... Since I got to meet you in my own body, I couldn't pretend that I didn't know you.

Yi Kyung: Then what about Han Kang? He worked so hard for your sake. He has always loved you. Even if, your parents didn't know, he remembered the 49 days! Didn't you say that once you wake up, you would tell him that you liked him? That night, he asked you not to go without saying goodbye, didn't he?

Ji Hyun: What does any of that matter? I will have to leave and he will be left behind. I like you and I love you. How will it help Han Kang if I tell all those things to him? It will just end up hurting him more.

Yi Kyung: You're also in a great deal of pain!

Ji Hyun: From watching you, I feel like those people who were left behind have to live for themselves. So please don't tell Han Kang anything. I just want to remain as a friend to him.

ji hyun ah, you know, i it was me, i prefer to know the truth. If, if saya jadi Han Kang, kalau saya tau kamu suka saya, yang kamu akan mati, sekurang-kurangnya dengan tau benda-benda tu, saya akan lebih prepared untuk terima kehilangan kamu lepas saya bersusah payah berusaha untuk selamatkan kamu. Pada masa tu saya mungkin tak akan menangis, menyalahkan takdir.

But, thanks to Yi Kyung, she is brilliant enough to tell Han Kang all those things. Mungkin sebab dia pernah rasa ditinggalkan oleh orang yang paling dia sayang, yang jaga dia, selalu dengan dia, yang everything to her like a mum, a dad, a brother, a friend, a lover, tanpa sempat cakap apa-apa, clearkan apa-apa salah faham, without goodbye.


Untitled7 Untitled8

Men’s conversation. Kadang-kadang saya suka tengok man to man conversation dari woman to woman conversation, sebab dia orang macam tak terpengaruh dengan emosi. nampak cool je.

Han Kang: Hyung will come back. No matter how many years. You will serve your sentence and come back. And become the respectable brother that I remember. Hyung, who depends on his own strength to overcome his own obstacles.

Min Ho: Do you know why I like you?

Han Kang: You actually like me?

Min Ho:  like you because you're someone who experienced pain. You have suffered because of your parents. Whole life is all bloody guy. Because you're too honest. Have not consider the treatment his own pain, leave it don’t care.That pure sense, I like it very much. Because I don't have it.



A happy family. but it wont last forever.

Untitled10 Untitled11

Ji Hyun’s mum: This is just like a dream. Even just this once, I wished the three of us would eat together like this.

Ji Hyun’s dad: Actually, you're more ambitious than me! I just wanted to see Ji Hyun’s smile again. Then I'll have no regrets.

Ji Hyun: Really? Then I've made your wish come true. It's worthy to be Shin Ji Hyun.

it’s too painful, bila tengok parents, orang yang paling kita sayang happy sebab kita survived, tapi dia orang tak tau yang esok kita dah tak ada, yang impian-impian dia orang tak lagi jadi kenyataan. yang kita akan buat dia orang menangis esok.


Untitled12 Untitled13

kemas bilik, simpan semua barang, macam ni ke rasanya bila kita tau tarikh kematian sendiri?


Untitled14 Untitled15

Ji Hyun: I want to go to a place with you.

Han Kang: Where?

Ji Hyun: I could never even once to make kimbab and go picnic with my boyfriend.

Han Kang: When did I start becoming your boyfriend?

Ji Hyun: It's not like that!

Han Kang: You really know how to twist words. Hey! Just admit that you like me!

Ji Hyun: Right! I forgot about the MP3. Do you have MP3 player?

Han Kang: Why do you need it?

Ji Hyun: That's also one of the must-haves in a picnic!

Han Kang: You're borrowing love, mp3 player, and the car too. What else are you going to borrow next?

Ji Hyun: You.

Han Kang: What?

Ji Hyun: Han Kang, will you lend yourself to me for one day, and be my boyfriend? You don't want to?

Han Kang: Then you... will you lend yourself to me for one day too, and be my girlfriend?

those 5 lines are my most favorite lines in this drama. HAHA. Nurul, since when you become so cheesy? onjebeuteo? but seriously, those 5 lines sangat sweet, yeah, tak perlu kissing scene pun untuk jadikan those lines adalah the sweetest moment between them.


akhirnya, impian Ji Hyun untuk picnic, untuk date ala-ala gaya Yi Kyung-Yi Soo, dengan orang yang dia sayang tercapai.


Untitled17  Untitled19

buat kimbap, makan kimbap sama-sama,

Untitled20 Untitled21

Han Kang curi ambil gambar Ji Hyun banyak-banyak,

I know the reason why he took ji hyun pictures a lot. Because he knew ji hyun will die later. jadi, dia tak tak mau ji hyun tinggalkan dia macam mak dia tinggalkan dia dulu. tanpa kata, tanpa sekeping gambar. cuma bad memories  as a rebel kid and piano kesayangan mak dia je.

Untitled22 Untitled23

dengar music dari mp3 yang sama, share earphones, sama-sama,

Untitled24 Untitled25

Han Kang: Whoever's son this is, he grew up well... and whoever's daughter this kid is...

Ji Hyun: Really cute, right?

Han Kang: Really ugly. Look at how you eat your kimbab!

Ji Hyun: Hey, give it to me.

another cute moment. haha, okay, okay tau, i’m intoxicated dengan han-ji’s cute love story. HAHA.

Untitled26 Untitled27

Han Kang: Ah, this.

Ji Hyun: You always hold this, right?

Of course! gelang tu, mamat tu pegang macam nyawa dia sejak kamu pindah sekolah ji hyun sampailah dia balik dari US nak cari kamu, tengok-tengok kamu nak tunang dengan orang lain.

Untitled28 Untitled29

Ji Hyun: Actually, it was your mother who gave this to me. Since it looks like you don't hate me now, I will tell you. In fact I was.. I was close to your mom. You didn't know that, right?

Han Kang: You were close with my mom?


Untitled32 Untitled33

Dan Han Kang pun baru sedar yang dalam tempoh 49 hari tu, Ji Hyun quote apa yang mak Han Kang cakap dekat Ji hyun masa Ji Hyun gave up 49 hari dan berhenti kerja, sebelum air mata han KAng jadi air mata pertama untuk Ji Hyun.


Untitled30 Untitled31

gelang ni, macam ada satu tanda yang unik dalam cerita ni. Dari mak Han Kang jatuh ke tangan Ji Hyun, lepas tu Jatuh ke tangan Han Kang masa dia orang gaduh time sekolah tanpa Han Kang tau gelang tu was his mum’s, lepas tu dapat balik dekat tangan Ji Hyun masa Han Kang pulang gelang tu semula dekat dia dalam tempoh 49 hari tu, Kemudian jatuh balik dekat Han Kang dari Yi Kyung lepas Ji Hyun survived 49 hari and sedar dari koma, lepas tu jatuh semula depan mata tuan dia masa dia orang picnic. Sebab gelang ni jugak, I was thinking this drama adalah tentang kisah cinta Han Kang-Ji Hyun yang full of tragic, tears and pain. untold love? or unrequited love? kataomoi? yes, without that accident, kalau Yi Kyung tak cuba bunuh diri, kalau Ji Hyun tak dapat peluang 49 days tu, their loves will remain as kataomoi, unrequited love. :)


dua doa yang jauh berbeza. tentang orang yang sama.

Untitled36 Untitled37

and final greeting to her parents.

Untitled38 Untitled39

and, she died.

Untitled40 Untitled41

final goodbye to the scheduler.

 Untitled42 Untitled57

Untitled43 Untitled44

Untitled45 Untitled46

 Untitled48 Untitled47

And the people she left behind. The people who love her and actually love her from the bottom of their heart. appa, umma, min ho-oppa, seo woo, in jung, yi kyung-unni, and han kang.

ji hyun’s parents rasa, ji hyun sedar dari coma untuk 6 hari sekadar untuk ucapkan selamat tinggal secara proper dekat mereka. tanpa tahu ji hyun berusaha selamatkan dia orang. :( sedih.

Untitled49 Untitled50

Han kang pulang semua barang-barang Yi Kyung yang Ji Hyun minta Han Kang tolong jagakan dulu. Dan lagi sekali barang-barang tu penuh dengan memories with Yi Soo. Yi Kyung jugak jumpa buku account yang penuh dengan duit yang Yi Soo masukkan dulu dalam akaun dia masa zaman sekolah untuk bina dia orang punya pension.

Untitled58 Untitled51

surat yang Yi Soo tinggalkan dengan buku bank.

“Yi Kyung. It's me, Yi Soo. The promise I made, about the February Pension House, I planned to give it to you, so I opened an account. In the future, little by little, our dreams will be built. Even if there are hard times. If we do it together, we can overcome it. This is a secret. Actually, Song Yi Kyung is  Song Yi Soo's guardian. Because you gave me a reason to live. In this world, you are the most precious person to me.”


Scheduler/Yi Soo: That's right. So... You must cheer up! Don't cry anymore.


Untitled52 Untitled55

Scheduler: Let me help Shin Ji Hyun with Yi Kyung put things back in order?

Scheduler’s senior: In the future, you'll know. Helpless and chaotic. Ji Hyun, Yi Kyung. The fate of both of you. Their fate seems to continue until the next life.

Scheduler: This is... What do you mean by that?

sebab takdirnya Ji Hyun dan Yi Kyung adalah adik beradik.Yi Kyung adalah kakak Ji Hyun yang hilang kena culik dulu masa kecik.

Untitled59 Untitled56

Yi Kyung: Ji Hyun, how come your were my sister? If only i knew earlier. I should have been able to recognize you. I should have let you use my body more.

sebab tula air mata Yi Kyung tak di kira. sebab Yi Kyung is blood related to Ji Hyun. Saya pun terkejut dengan twist ni. i like, eh? kenapa tiba-tiba bukan air mata Yi Kyung yang di kira. Habis tu siapa?

Untitled53 Untitled54  

Ji Hyun: My two tears. Whose were they?

Scheduler: Now that you're leaving, you want to know?

Ji Hyun: Now that I won't be able to go back. I want to know before I leave. The first tear is from Han Kang. Then two tears from Seo Woo and Yi Kyung unnie, right?

Scheduler: Park Seo Woo is correct. But not Song Yi Kyung.

Ji Hyun: Oh... Whose is it?

Scheduler: The third teardrop ... was Shin In Jung's.

oh, do you know how much I feel glad to know this fact? No, not the fact that shin in jung cried for Ji Hyun. But the fact that Ji Hyun knows In jung cried for her. Then now, dia boleh pergi dengan perasaan yang lebih baik. Perasaan yang kawan baik dia, masih lagi kawan yang sama yang tak berubah macam masa mereka dekat Jinan zaman sekolah dulu.


Untitled60 Untitled61

and drama flashback pada scene in jung cuba cabut oxygen mask ji hyun.

Shin In Jung: What do I want to do this time? What am I doing? Oh my! How can I? Ji Hyun! What do I want to do this time? What am I doing!? How can I be doing this to you? The thing I wanted is not this! It was me. It's not because of you. But it's because of me. It was me who got jealous of you. Letting Oppa get close to you too. I've let you down, lost Seo Woo's friendship. My own destruction. It's all because of myself. Ji Hyun! I'm the one who is wrong. I'm the one who is wrong. I have made a mistake. Ji Hyun! I'm sorry.

Untitled62 Untitled63

and new fact that i learned, yang hantar bukti pada presecutor untuk tahan Kang Min Ho bukan Han Kang, tapi SHIN IN JUNG. Dia, orang yang bertanggungjawab sumbat boyfriend dia dalam penjara. for good sake. Dan another fact that i learned adalah, Kang Min Ho bukan la terlalu jahat sebab sebenarnya, dalam hati dia, ada jugak perasaan bersalah, tak sampai hati untuk aniaya keluarga Ji Hyun sebab Kang Min Ho dah terima banyak layanan baik dengan kepercayaan dari family ji hyun, things that he never get before. cuma ketamakan tu yang buat dia tersasar jauh.


Shin In Jung: Ji Hyun! I wish to turn back time! Not going to misunderstood your pure intention. That time, I'm...to you...is one hundred percent sincere. I really wish to turn back time. While we are looking at each other... a time filled with laughers.

and yeah, here was ji hyun’s third teardrops.



maka, dengan itu, dengan kematian ji hyun, itu adalah masa-masa terakhir Yi Soo jadi scheduler dan berkeliaran dekat dunia. Now, he is going to go to the place where he belongs to.

Scheduler/Yi Soo: Now I have to go. Yi Kyung! Today, is my last day as a scheduler. Now I will finally be able to leave without any worries. Carrying Ji Hyun's happiness. Live well.


Untitled66 Untitled67

and Yi Kyung pun mula berubah. mula makan dengan teratur, macam pesanan Ji Hyun. Mula hargai hidup, macam permintaan Ji Hyun. Mula hidup macam manusia yang normal macam apa ynag Ji Hyun harap.

Han Kang: Ji Hyun, I found out just now, why you wanted to leave without a word. You, in return for suffering the loneliness alone, for the people you have left... you comforted us. Your 49 days, I'll believe it will be a blessing just like you said. Because a lot of things have returned to their places. So... you too. Be happy where you are, Ji Hyun.


And, Dua tahun kemudian,


Shin In Jung ternampak budak-budak sekolah, she starts to remember their memories in Jinan, their pure friendship, their laugh. Three of them were so pure, naive, innocent that time.

Shin In Jung, dia ni baik sebenarnya. Dia kawan paling baik yang pernah wujud dalam hidup Ji Hyun mungkin. sebab dia sorang yang sanggup berkaki ayam masa majlis tunang Ji Hyun, semata-mata untuk Ji Hyun. tapi, sebab kesusahan hidup dia, rasa cemburu, sifat baik ji hyun, dan sifat penyayang mak ji hyun, buat dia berubah. buat dia rasa macam terlalu kesian. Mungkin, kalau Ji hyun tak terlalu baik, dan family ji hyun tak terlalu pemurah, In Jung tak akan jatuh seteruk tu.

 Untitled70 Untitled71

dan In jung pergi melawat Min Ho, lepas dua tahun Min Ho dekat penjara. And she promises she will go there again after 3 years, walaupun Min Ho tak nak dia tunggu Min Ho lagi, because, kalau bukan sebab dia, min Ho tak berubah jadi jahat, tamak macam tu sekali.

Untitled72 Untitled73

Han Kang mula serius dalam hal-hal architecture, designing dia, macam yang Ji Hyun harap. Nampaknya macam dia tengah arah orang buat bangunan yang dia design untuk ji Hyun-min ho dulu. dan Song Yi Kyung, dengan kepakaran dia dalam hotel and tourism, dia kerja dekat Heaven, teruskan semuanya, macam Ji Hyun masih hidup. Macam Masa Ji Hyun pinjam badan dia dalam tempoh 49 hari dulu.


and this eemoni dengan abunim reconciled dengan anak sulung dia yang hilang, untuk gantikan anak bongsu dia orang yang dah tak ada.


Drama ni berakhir dengan mereka berdua, Yi Kyung and Han Kang, pergi kubur Yi Soo dan Ji Hyun dan bermonolog di situ.

Yi Kyung: Ji Hyun-ah, Han Kang is extremely busy every day. Just like what you asked, he's become a good friend to me. To the people at Heaven, Thanks to your pleasant personality,I was able to adapt.

Han Kang: Ji Hyun-ah, Although everybody knows that you have passed away, they are living as if you are still alive. Because of your 49 days, I'm living my life as if it's 49 days. Therefore, Song Yi Kyung... If we don't know when will we die then.. if you don't know when you'll die, it won't change anything. Because of your 49 days. And I saw some changes. Here lies the most important people in our lives.

Yi Kyung: The two people who changed our lives and left beautifully. Two people.

Han Kang: Because of the 49 Days journey we had with them,

Yi Kyung: we will live each day as if it's our last. And treasure them.

Han Kang: Ji Hyun, because I met you...

Yi Kyung: Yi Soo, because I met you...

Untitled80 Untitled81

Han Kang: haeng-bokke ta. (I am very happy.)

Yi Kyung: haeng-bokke soh. (I am very happy.)

and now, my tears are falling again. sebab saya tengok ni, , walaupun ending dia tak sama macam typical drama-happily ever after, tapi saya masih dapat rasa 49 days’ warmth, haeng-bokke ta. :)



this drama teach me a lot. there is nothing can be compared to a pure and sincere friendship, like this. like them. like their Jinan’s memories.


and yeah, it was shin ji hyun. because of her tenderness, her sister’s freezing hands and wounded heart, started to warm again. It was shin ji hyun, who healed the scars. and how much i hope if ji hyun knows yi kyung was her lost unni. real unni. blood related. that was the only thing i regretted on this drama. sigh.



cerita ni mengingatkan saya dengan Cinderella’s sister, my another favorite melodrama. Kisah dua beradik yang membesar dengan situasi berbeza. one person, always received love and blessed by good people around. the other one grown up with scars since her childhood days. cuma bezanya, dua beradik ni saling membenci. bukan, si kakak sayang adik, tapi dia tak reti tunjukkan sebab dia tak biasa received care and love, si adik sayang  kakak tapi dia dah biasa ada semua sorang-sorang maka tak reti berkongsi. but,  yes, i just love both stories. a lot.

phewh, the longest entry from me. till then, bye!

p/s: lepas habis drama 49days ni , rabu, khamis ni start city hunter. macam best je tengok trailer. park min young dengan lee min ho lead. siapa suka nak tengok lee min ho beraksi lasak main gun, resign dari jadi flower boy boleh la tengok. siapa yang nak tengok park min young yang lebih cun bergaya wanita dari dalam sungkyunkwan scandal, boleh la tengok. siapa kamilia yang nak tengok go hara pun boleh tengok. note to WZulhilmi. heheh. Hara pun boleh la kalau nicole tak da. haha

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