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49 days episode 19: Yi soo-Yi Kyung real goodbye.
Written at Sunday, May 22, 2011 | back to top


Hello, Hi, Assalamualaikum!

Sebab dah janji dengan diri sendiri nak tulis episod 19 dengan lebih detail, so here we go episode 19 dulu before episode akhir.



Yi kyung: Before Ji hyun leave, she asked me to give this to you. She said it belonged to Kang’s mother.

Han Kang: Are you saying that this, was my mother’s? How can it be?

Yi Kyung: She didn’t tell me. You should go ask her. And also she said, thank you very much, and that she’s sorry that she could never pay you back for all your help. If she didn’t have Kang, she might not have stuck with it. She asked me to tell you.

Saya, lepas tengok episode 15 scene mak Han Kang bagi gelang ni dekat Ji Hyun sebab Ji Hyun berjaya buat Han Kang makan Sup seaweed yang mak dia bawa untuk birthday dia, gelang ni, mak Han Kang nak bagi dekat Girlfriend Han Kang yang pertama. So, dia bagi Ji Hyun, though Ji Hyun kata dia dengan Han Kang cuma kawan yang tak berapa baik pun. Lepas tengok scene tu, saya mula terfikir mungkin cerita ni asasnya adalah kisah cinta Han Kang-Ji Hyun, yang dia orang adalah soul mate dalam cerita ni, meant for each other, tapi dikembangkan dengan gaya berbeza. But, It seems..I was wrong. :|



Han Kang: How does it feel to be alive? You Like it?

Ji Hyun: It feels wonderful. So wonderful.

Han Kang: I  also feel wonderful, cause you survived.

Han Kang: Shin Ji Hyun, what did you do in those 47 days? Did you just sleep? Did you perhaps have any kind of dream?

Ji Hyun: what if I did? Do I have to tell you?

Han kang: In that dream, did I appear by any chance?

Ji hyun: Why would you appear in my dream? I want to back in. I want to rest.

shesh, ji hyun-ah, acting macam tu, tunjuk macam kamu tak lupa apa-apa pun. and there is something in your gaze which explain everything. everything=kamu nak bagi tau yang kamu ingat Han Kang, berterima kasih kat dia, sayang Hang Kang, you love Han Kang, but why you don’t? Yeah, i forgot, 49 days are meant to regain life, not continue life. so yeah you won’t remember. no, you can’t remember. That’s the rule after all.

Untitled3 Untitled4

Ji hyun: Hey, shin in jung! I..slept and slept...and, i had this dream...on the day of my engagement ceremony, my shoe broke, at that time i keep seeing you taking your shoes off for me. Unconsciously, you took off your shoes and ran barefoot. At that moment, you took them off for me.

In Jung: That.. what do you mean by that?

Ji Hyun: They say, shoes are women’s pride, but at that moment, you gave up your pride for me. forgetting all about the engagement ceremony, you thought of me first. Because I’m your... friend.

In jung: Ji hyun-ah.

Ji Hyun: I’m sleepy. Go.

There you go again, Shin Ji Hyun. Acting macam tau apa yang terjadi sepanjang kamu koma. Oh ya, memang korean culture je ke atau satu dunia anggap kasut adalah women’s pride. kasut adalah segala-galanya untuk perempuan. Kasut yang baik akan membawa ke jalan yang baik. Dah banyak cerita cakap benda yang sama, Boys over Flower, the vineyard  man, Partner, and beberapa lagi yang lain. Kalau macam tu, aku yang suka sarung selipar getah sepit color putih tu je ke mana-mana ni macam mana? but, i admit, saya lagi suka beli kasut dari baju or beg. haha


Untitled5 Untitled6

Smart tak dapat invitation card yang melayang jatuh dari langit masa tengah belek-belek kad-kad lama dari orang yang sama?



Yes, Masa untuk Yi Kyung-Yi Soo jumpa dah sampai. :))

Untitled10 Untitled11


Yi Soo: At that time, I was impatient and so reckless. I wanted to do music, I wanted to experience this new world. My old life, to me felt so cramped and boring.

Yi Kyung: But you still wanted to be my guardian, you must have been very tired. That time you were still young.

Yi Soo: You too were very young. The misunderstanding between us is too large. I thought we couldn’t discuss it. So I acted and behaved unscrupulously. I once said that it would be plain for you to see my heart. Although I payed with music and hung out with girls, but you are the one I feel most at home with. Therefore...I bought the engagement rings.



Untitled13 Untitled14

wah, terbaik! Daebak! Cincin yang tercampak masa accident 5 tahun lepas masih ada lagi kat celah rumput tak hilang pun. haha drama!


Untitled15 Untitled16

Untitled17 Untitled18

Untitled19 Untitled20


and yeah, they spent two days, no, 1 and half day together. clearkan semua salah faham, pergi tempat accident, cari cincin, pergi amusement park, decorate rumah untuk Yi Kyung, masak untuk Yi Soo and morning walk together.

Untitled22 Untitled24

Yi Soo: why?

Yi Kyung: because it’s really amazing, yesterday was like a dream... You’re still around at night until the morning. It’s this sunny outside, but I can see you and touch you.

Yi Soo: still, I am a dead person. I waited five years just to be able to see you. For you, to give you this ring, to tell you that I love you, that not for one moment I have thought about any other person, that we get married. Just to say these. But...

Untitled25 Untitled26

Yi Soo: Now, it's not the same anymore. The things I want to tell you have changed. I loved you until then. Starting from now, I won't love you. Because I didn't want to leave you with only pain, I wanted you to forget me and be happy. I've waited for five years.

Yi Kyung: No. Don't say that, Yi Soo. I'm going to go with you.

Yi Soo: We're not able to leave together. Even if you'd go and choose death just to be with me, we'd still be apart. That's what death is.

Yi Kyung: Here... It's painful just by myself. I can't endure it without you.

Yi Soo: Can you endure it just for me? Only after letting you go, I can be happy in my next life. If you're unhappy, my heart will also be in chaos, and I won't rest easy. I'll be reborn as a bad tempered guy, a selfish guy, who can't receive love, who can't love either, who lives unhappily.

Untitled27 Untitled28

Yi Soo: Throw away this ring.

Yi Kyung: I don't want to.

Yi Soo: Throw it away. It doesn't have meaning anymore. It's already cleared up our misunderstandings. That's all it was good for.

Untitled29 Untitled30

Yi Soo: You know how precious you are to me. I did not abandon you. To me, you were the most important person. An incredible person. So... To someone else, you'll become a precious person. Promise me that you will be happy for my sake. Let me leave with no regrets, and in the next life, I will be able to start again. Yi Kyung, be happy for my sake. For meeting someone like you, I felt thankful...and fortunate.

Yi Kyung: I...feel sorry... for always receiving from you... and never giving you back.

Yi Soo: Go and find the people who loves you. and in my stead, give it to that person.

Untitled31 Untitled32 Untitled33 Untitled34

and yeah, that was the real goodbye. maljimak goodbye.


and she is left alone, for the rest of her life. and why, my vision blurred, my cheeks feel hot? this scene really makes me dehydrate.

Untitled36 Untitled37

Kang Min Ho kena tahan polis untuk soal siasat dekat hospital mak dia.


and Yi Kyung, sejak Ji Hyun tak ada dia mula rasa sunyi, she recalled apa ynag Ji Hyun cakap kat dia dulu, apa yang perlu dia buat kalau rasa tak mampu nak teruskan hidup, then she goes to the hospital. Tapi tak jadi masuk ward, sebab Ji Hyun tak kenal dia. tapi, tiba-tiba ji Hyun keluar and panggil Yi Kyung.

Yi Kyung: You remembered me, but not Han Kang? You also remember him, don't you? You've clearly recalled everything. Why do you pretend to not remember anything?

Ji Hyun:  Because...


Yes, this is why I made a fuss before, on twitter. On previous entry.


I don’t know why, but this drama really attached to me. Just like Cinderella’s step sister. They are not even a comedy drama. They are melodrama. Full of tears. am I a kind of person who love melo-thingy too much?