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lololol i super love this! XD
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49 days: episode 16- this episode rules.
Written at Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | back to top


I’m at episode 16 now. And this episode RULES! Ji Hyun realized Hang Kang was the one who cried for her, Min Ho realized Ji Hyun lived in Yi Kyung body, Ji Hyun father survived his brain surgery, In Jung told Seo Woo Han Kang loves Ji Hyun, Min Ho realized the woman that Han Kang said he wanna find when he returns to korea during their US time was Ji Hyun (and Ji Hyun heard it too), Ji Hyun realized that Yi Kyung is the one who caused her accident-because Yi Kyung’s suicide attempted Ji Hyun got into that accident, the real Yi Kyung started see Ji Hyun in soul form, the Scheduler (Yi Soo) Getting more depressed because he gets his memories with Yi Kyung back, real Yi Kyung changed her mind-from letting Ji Hyun borrows her body to chase off Ji Hyun politely, and Min Ho threated real Yi Kyung to go to Busan and left Ji Hyun soul alone, then Yi Kyung really left her house and go to busan, and to make it even worst, Yi Soo (the scheduler) refused to help Ji Hyun because he didn’t want to be punished. Ughh, sometimes i just hate the Scheduler and his love story at all haha. Oh plus the psychologist who always gives unnecessary advices to Yi Kyung. Hello doctor, please don’t make this story become more complicated okay?

Haha, actually i like the idea, turns the Scheduler as Yi Kyung’s dead boyfriend. And i know it earlier before the story revealed it-to be exact in episode 1 during Yi Kyung's suicide attempt scene. Well, i’m a kdrama fan, so i know most of the tricks, the twists, the plots and such and so on. But seeing the Scheduler as Yi Soo- always in vain, frustrated and refused to help Ji Hyun makes me sick. It will be good if he never knows his past with Yi Kyung. But yeah, Yi Kyung-Yi Soo love story is needed here for one purpose-to make this drama become more dramatic. Even if i dont like their love story (just because i pity Ji Hyun. i mean her problems already complicated, but why this human-soul couple need to make it worst?), i still hope Yi Soo (the scheduler) can clear their misunderstanding and Yi Kyung will let him go and live her life as a human, i mean a NORMAL human being.

Okay back to the episode 16. I like the way Han Kang and Ji Hyun (of couse in Yi Kyung body) talking to each other about Ji Hyun’s 49 days mission indirectly. Oh it not only 49 days mission, Wishing happy birthday indirectly, saying gomapta indirectly, talking about ji hyun-han kang matters indirectly. Understanding each other in indirect way. And i like it more when Ji Hyun felt regret and sighed “why i only understand him now.”

But as usual, happy moments wont last forever. That is one of kdrama rules. Episode 16 ended with Yi Kyung chased ji Hyun off from her house and She left her house to Busan. ugh, i wonder what will be happens next episode. Plus i hate Min Ho and In Jung to death now. Shin In Jung, the conspirator, how come there is someone who is able to live like that without feels ashamed at least at herself? only 10 days left and i wonder who will be Ji Hyun’s next tear drops?



Scheduler: humans know they will die one day, but no ones know what will happen to them after die.

Ji Hyun: but i know

Scheduler: that’s funny

Ji Hyun: Does it mean even though i end up living, i wont remember anything?

Scheduler: if you remembered, something terrible would happen.


even if Shin Ji Hyun gets all three tear drops and survives, She won’t remember anything about the 49 days mission. Her travels, and what happen during that time, In Jung, Min Ho and their lies, Yi Kyung-Yi Soo (the scheduler) love story and HAN KANG kindness. Sigh. I hope this drama will end with a good ending though.

okay forget it. lets see our Scheduler’s cute scene haha.

pissed off scheduler



my favorite ost of this drama are Forever always-Park Bo Ram, Can't Let Go Of You - Seo Young Eun, Even If I Live Just One Day- Jo Hyun Jae, I Can Feel It – Navi.


Even If I Live Just One Day- Jo Hyun Jae

Forever always-Park Bo Ram


After listened to Jo Hyun Jae singing Sunset glow in bathroom i hope he will do ost because jung il wook do ost too, so why he cant? few minutes later, i found somewhere that he also took part in ost. hehe his voice is good. Why dont Nam Gyu Ri sing some ost too? her voice is nice.


Sunset Glow- Jo Hyun Jae version


ohh, last one,  have i told this before? i love Yi Kyung’s hair style when Ji Hyun is inside her body. It looks nice and pretty. REALLY LOVE IT.

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