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Paradise Ranch
Written at Sunday, February 27, 2011 | back to top


Lee Da Ji: he said they’re already divorced, ahjusshi already signed the divorced agreement. Anyway, it’s already finished.

Han Dong Joo: if only one person signs the divorce papers, is that consider over? How can you and Representative Seo be so similar? You don’t remember you did the same thing in the past? Back then, weren’t you like this, too? its was all one-sided…

lee da ji, why are you sooooo stupid? So, actually you’re the one who left your husband or let him go just like that? no wonder he hates you much. da ji-ah, i like you soo much since you’re such an innocent, naive girl with a good heart, but please, use your brain. Dear Mr/madam. screenwriter, can you please make da ji’s character more brilliant to fit with her so called genius in math, top scorer in high school or what so ever?


Seo Yun Ho: Didnt you say you needed some money? Why dont you meet my attorney?

Ji Mil Hye: are you telling me to just take the money and leave? You’re no different form other people. you thought that i’m the kind of women who only fancies your money?

Seo Yun Ho: i really never thought that.

Ji Mil Hye: A moment ago, you just were.

And this man, why on earth he thinks everything will be settled easily as long as he signed the divorce paper? and do you think money is a matter here? yes, women love money. but a least there are some women out there who are using money as an excuse just to meet her husband. and i think, one of them is your wife. ughh, i just dont like his character though he is a good man indeed.


Park Jin Young: how can you abandon your girlfriend to look after Da Ji shi first?

Han Dong Joo: that!..that..

Park Jin Young: why are you so flustered? I’m just joking. The atmostphere tuned cold all of a sudden. since it’s the first time, i won’t investigate. next time, you should look after your girlfriend first.

Yes, jin Young. I love her. More and more. Why lately korean dramas (love) always come with a cool girl like her as a second female character? Yes, up until now, Jin Young is the only character that i favor in this drama. So, keep it up Mr/mrs. screenwriter. (ughh, i forgot. this drama was filming quite long time ago. so the ending has been set. hopefully Jin Young character will remain cool until the end just like Yoon Hae-Ra in Playful Kiss and Yoon Seul in Secret Garden.) She is Yoo Ha-Na, the one who played heroin character in a taiwan drama-my lucky star. I’ve been her fan since i watched my lucky stars like 3 years ago. She is quit a good actress.

I Dont wanna comment anything bout Han Dong Joo. Simply because his character is annoying, but his warm heart is really irresistible. So, he just cute and lovely.

Paradise Ranch ni agak bosan sebenarnya. Nasib baik watak Dong Joo yang cepat je nak melenting dengan lidah tajam tu macam kelakar-kelakar comel. Haha, macam sama je dengan changmin versi real. sebab sebenar saya bertahan adalah sebab nak tau sangat kenapa Han Dong Joo dengan Lee Da Ji divorce at first place. Obviously Dong Joo masih sayang sangat dengan Da Ji, tapi macam ada simpan sikit marah berbaki dekat Da Ji. Tapi, family Da Ji semua macam salahkan Dong Joo. So, apa yang berlaku sebenarnya? Itu je yang saya nak tau.


source: twitter @mjjeje

Ohh, yes. This Pic. hey-hey, Jae and Pi in a same pic. I bet they are partying all night today. Kenapa macam jakun je saya? Yelah, selalu Jae dengan Pi mention dia orang berkawan baik, tapi tak pernah pun nampak sekali macam kalau pi selalu dengan jin. Sebab tu lah jakun. haha. okay abaikan. TT