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The man who can’t get married, will it able to catch my interest?
Written at Sunday, December 5, 2010 | back to top

Hey Mr. doctor in charge, please prescribes me something to overcome this problem. Ini adalah apa yang kita panggil withdrawal syndrome. As I said before, I like Jae Shin in SKKS, seriously this namja (man) who came out of nowhere suddenly caught my attention. YOO AH IN, new addiction huh? It’s not addiction la, but looks like one. Okay I admit, I’ve been digging out some of his dramas and movies these pass few days. Now I’m watching The Man Who Can’t Get Married, a 2009 drama. Yoo Ah In played as a young designer working under a 40 years old, excellent architect who still doesn’t want to get married .

It supposed to be a comedy drama I guess, but unfortunately up until now, this drama failed to catch my interest. (I’ve watched 4 episodes). Since I’m watching it online, it is impossible for me to skip some part. You know, after all of your hard work (?) streaming it, how can you skip the video like it just a small matter? huh. I hate streaming video for nothing. Pheww. I think, I’ll just continue to watch this drama since I’ve started it. Well, it can’t be help I guess. It’s not a bad drama, however I don’t think it’s a good one. Mediocre, maybe?

Yes, it still can makes you giggles and a little bit squeal (squealing part: this drama doesn’t work for me.) but don’t expect it will bring you to the point of giving you soo much enjoyable moments and great impact on you. Maybe because of the flat characters and plot, so, nothing will get you feel ‘thump thump’ or stimulates your scientist instinct because nothing to be curious. Obviously I’m going to endure it because of Yoo Ah In and Kim So Eun are there, even though they are not lead characters. Well, I’ve only watched it until episode 4 , who knows if the drama plot and it characters will change drastically.


Jung Yoo Jin: I want to go to amusement park anyway. It’s great.

Park Hyun Kyu: If only he gave it to me, so I could appear more gentlemanly.

Jung Yoo Jin: They are free tickets, why would you appear gentlemanly? Where and when we should meet on sunday?

Park Hyun Kyu: Yah. What we are?

Jung Yoo Jin: What do you mean?

Park Hyun Kyu: It’s doesn’t seem like we have a chance at being lovers, but we’re slowly become friends. In your eyes, am I a man or just something that entertains you when you’re bored?

Jung Yoo Jin: I’m not sure.

Park Hyun Kyu: The thing that I hate most is uncertain relationship, so clarify it. Pick one out of these two. I will change my attitude because of your decision as well.

Jung Yoo Jin How will you change your attitude?

Park Hyun Kyu: If in your eyes, I am a man… than I will pick you up at your house on Sunday.

Jung Yoo Jin: Then, if you’re just entertainment when I’m bored… we meet at the entrance of the amusement park.

Park Hyun Kyu: I have to think about that too. I don’t want to waste my golden years of youth… on someone whom I don’t see as a woman and spending time with because I’m bored.

Jung Yoo Jin: Oh, it’s this way.

Park Hyun Kyu: So, make a decision.

Jung Yoo Jin: Sunday, do you want to come pick me up at my house?

PArk Hyun Kyu: The from sunday onward, you’re my girlfriend.

Ohhh I like the way Hyun Kyu ajak Yoo Jin dating. Simple and cute. Not too cheesy to the point you’ll get bored or feel awkward. More relevant and practical in real life. Ohhh Yoo Ah In~ You’re soooo cute here! But your spec annoyed me la. Dia sembunyikan mata comel kamu yang bila kamu senyum, mata kamu pun ikut senyum, jadi sepet nampak macam segaris aje. haha.