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Me: The One and Only
Hi! 안녕하세요 ! Thanks for reading! ^^ ~He, who has no strength to dream, has no strength to live~Ernst Toller~
Hi! Before anything else, just to remind you, I'm talking craps sometimes, so whatever is written here, just deal with it because afterall this is my blog (: I'm not an English/Bahasa teacher, so pardon my grammar. No any childish acts. Respect is a must. Thank You :D
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I am ME | A Plain Jane
Not just any type of girl Hello! I'm Nurul. 21 year old. AB blood type. Lefty. Another plain Jane who rarely has an objective. I just accept what I get, either it was a reward for my hard work or even it was a punishment from my laziness. Those facts explain how loser I am. Oh I am also one of girls who wrote fan letter as her bio. Love pink. Has 2 different personality because I am AB lol. Half of myself already here so yeah, just read it! ^^ ohh! I'm so random. Remember!




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Feeling : Has crush on 이태민-koe ga suki. Soshite, anata no silent gesture, daisuki. 태민-san no ongaku itsumo kikimasu.
Eating : sushi, takoyaki, green tea,skittles, oat krunch, marshmellow lover. Nowadays mum homemade foods are saikou!
Doing : Sleeping 10 hours/day to get a better skin bleagh.
Watching : salamander guru and the shadow, operation love kver, painter of the wind, Rooftop Prince.
Reading : tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom.
Listening to : Lee taemin. Younha. Any beautiful ballad & R&B,Be Ma Girl-Teentop, Good night-B1A4.

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when you saw something that you never wish to see
Well, yeah; just
I need a cup of coffee
Does it true?
I just want
I wonder, why;
Endless Summer


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Hello 10.10.! personally I don’t really like this date because my mum always misremembered my birthday is on 10.10. last three years, she called me on 10.10 and wished me happy birthday. last two years, she wished me on the real date because of my sis told her. last year, when I called her during my birthday, she didn’t touch anything about birthday, then I told her today is my birthday, then she goes “ oh? Today? not 10.10?” Ho! What with 10.10? what’s so special with 10.10? Anyway, this year she made it on real date. 7.10, early in the morning I received her happy birthday message. That’s really made my day. :D

For those who wished me happy birthday, through facebook, twitter, LJ, or sms me, thanks a lot. Thanks to my beloved bestie, Fatma for your phone call. Then thousand thanks to shidah, and my roomie, Pai, for the KFC and the rest of ex-rumah T for waking me up and wishing me happy birthday at 12 am. Thanks to Hana, who sent me sms, wished me on twitter, mention me in her LJ entry, wished again in her comment at my LJ entry. Oh I don’t even remember how many times she wished me happy birthday. Its like 11943323413321 times maybe. Haha! Thanks to Ria for special entry. Then thanks to Andrea, for the song, pm and mention me in your entry. I’m now a muchacha or senorita, rite? haha! Thanks to that accident, we’re connected through our birthday. And yea, I’ll remember yours forever too. And thanks to my sis for wishing me a happy birthday though it two days late. And yeah, thanks to facebook, I only received 4 birthday messages. T_T LOL. And thanks to Cardio quiz, I didn’t go anywhere to celebrate my birthday. Or at least get myself a cake, like Jade suggestion.


I bought it myself from kinda ‘Koop’ shop, as present from myself. The card, I got it from Shidah and Fieza. Thanks a lot guys.

And yea, I’ve left my teen age which full of unfulfilled dreams. And I decided to left those dreams as my memories. And, this year birthday is not a really good day, I know something that I didn’t wish to know, I saw something that I didn’t wish to see, on my big day. And to make it worse, someone slammed on my dream when I stated it that day. Forget it. Now, I have reset myself. Reset means, I deleted everything that does not important to me anymore. Though it might be important before.