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Hi! 안녕하세요 ! Thanks for reading! ^^ ~He, who has no strength to dream, has no strength to live~Ernst Toller~
Hi! Before anything else, just to remind you, I'm talking craps sometimes, so whatever is written here, just deal with it because afterall this is my blog (: I'm not an English/Bahasa teacher, so pardon my grammar. No any childish acts. Respect is a must. Thank You :D
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I am ME | A Plain Jane
Not just any type of girl Hello! I'm Nurul. 21 year old. AB blood type. Lefty. Another plain Jane who rarely has an objective. I just accept what I get, either it was a reward for my hard work or even it was a punishment from my laziness. Those facts explain how loser I am. Oh I am also one of girls who wrote fan letter as her bio. Love pink. Has 2 different personality because I am AB lol. Half of myself already here so yeah, just read it! ^^ ohh! I'm so random. Remember!




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Eating : sushi, takoyaki, green tea,skittles, oat krunch, marshmellow lover. Nowadays mum homemade foods are saikou!
Doing : Sleeping 10 hours/day to get a better skin bleagh.
Watching : salamander guru and the shadow, operation love kver, painter of the wind, Rooftop Prince.
Reading : tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom.
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The biggest enemy,
when you saw something that you never wish to see
Well, yeah; just
I need a cup of coffee
Does it true?
I just want
I wonder, why;


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Written at Thursday, October 21, 2010 | back to top

Marrying your best friend is the best.

-Dare Kiss-

he is my best friend, and he seriously understand me the best.

-Miss ABC-

lols! iya ke? hmm, depends kut. situation. who. where. when. and what happen. Now and before. Deeply involved dengan lelaki yang so called best friend pun gives troubles sometimes. mungkin. entah. but coffee house portrays it; weird friendship-relationship-sinking ship or whatever ship. haha. i like coffee house cuz unique and..deja vu? forget it. i dont have any intention to bring up this topic. just some random thought cuz someone told me that.

Anyway, I’m in love with Tiffany voice. Ring (Haru OST) and KARA’s Lupin. JYJ’s The Beginning album also good, but still I prefer them to sing in Korean rather than English. And I bought Fighting Man too. Main track is awesome. Hopefully, other tracks as well. and I guarantee that. NEWS never disappoint me. Yeah, at least ME. lols!

School life, everything seems progressing well. means revision is going well. At least better than before. But, of course I sleep longer than necessary. Sleep less, live longer? err.

Aiming for steady state. lols, pharmacokinetic. math and calculation. Pharmacy is nothing but math after all. lols. what a ‘jumping’ conclusion i made.

Another rant, duit raya habis, beli tiket bus, order tshirt mypsa, tempah lab coat untuk clerkship siap bername tag saja nak senang panggil orang jawab soalankan, hehs. Kenyang makan lab coat. haha. Oh money money money!

I bought it at Qb last two days. Now, I’m craving onigiri. siapa ada kereta tolong beli untuk aku. Oh masa keluar ni, tiba-tiba rasa ada faedah tengok HK drama. At least tak blur bila promoter dekat kedai jual Jade cerita pasal Sammy. haha. okay lah. gtg. byebye!


life is full of ironies, aint it? twist and turn.