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perancangan harijadi terhebat saya xD
Written at Sunday, May 30, 2010 | back to top

Hari jadi saya. Haha bukan hari ni. Jumpa benda ni macam seronok pulak buat. haha. dah lama tak mengarut pasal obsesi saya dekat sini. Lupakan KAT-TUN. Fokus pada NEWS sahaja.

What would you get for your birthday? (KAT-TUN & NewS) by greenberryhair
Birthday (mm/dd/year)
Best Friend
GiftA new car
GiftA nice dinner
Secret Admirer
GiftA nice dinner
GiftA new pair of shoes
GiftA nice dinner
GiftStuffed Monkey

Ryo-chan as a best friend and gives me a new car. Ah! speaking of car this monday saya ada test JPJ mintak-mintak lulus so boleh drive kereta yang Ryo-chan bagi. haha. Then, Tegoshi as my boyfriend (Kyaa!! love it! love it!) will prepare for me a nice dinner.
"Ne, Yuya, should I help you prepare for the dinner? Of course I want to eat something prepared by Yuya at your home, not restaurant. Don't worry. I don't care if it simple and cheaper, if you want to compare it with Ryo-chan's car, because the sweet memories we create together enough to make me happy."
That line I akan cakap dekat tegoshi if he is my boyfriend. hahaha. Then, My secret admirer Kamenashi (KAT-TUN), he will bring me to a restaurant for dinner and later on he will turn up as a stalker and give me stuffed monkey, so I think I should, no! I will come together with my boyfriend Tegoshi to the dinner. But wait! Koyama as my room mate also want to treat me a dinner? Kenapa semua orang nak bawak I dinner ni? Okay okay okay! I think Tegoshi, Koyama, and Kamenashi should make a surprise birthday party for me in stead of dinner. So, Yuichi(KAT-TUN) boleh attend that party as my neighbor and gives me the shoes. Am I Cinderella or what? haha. However Tegoshi still should prepare a special dinner for me a day before or a day after my birthday and only the two of us. Of course I want to be pampered during my birthday. hahaha.

Sekian, Terima kasih. XDD