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Salam. Hello.
I'm damn bored now. Don't know what to do. Although a lot of assignments and reports waiting to be done but i'm sick of it already.
Googling things randomly then I found this Q&A at spilledmilk25.
This blog just like my diary so it's doesn't matter if I do answer this thing here.
It's all about NEWS. My fav Japanese band other than Arashi, Greeeen, Mr.Children or whatsoever.

1. What is your first NEWS song? Do you still like it now?
Yup. I still love it and I think I'll love it forever even though if I'm not their fan anymore.

2. What song that makes you remember NEWS the most?

3. What songs that remind you of the members respectively? (Either you like to count the members till 6 or 8 is up to you).
Yamapi-Love Song.
Tegoshi-Ai Nante.
Shige-Chiraizumu.*even though it's pervert's song I think. LOL.*
Koyama-Private Hearts.
Massu-Nantoka Narusa.

4. Can you distinguish all of their vocals in Sayaendou?
Yes!! I always know which one is Yamapi. But Tegoshi is the best here with his high pitch voice.

5. Whose your fav voice to hear in a song?
Basically, Yamapi's voice even though tegoshi is much better than him. Because I always love voice which can make me feel like "Ahh~His voice really gentle, soft and could touch my heart, so, I can't stop smiling when listen to this voice."

6. What PV from the singles that you like most n why?
Taiyou No Namida and Cherish.
Don't know why. Just really love it.

7. What song that makes you cry and or feeling sentimental when you listen to it?
Love Song.

8. What song that could pump up your spirit and get you all excited?

9. What song that makes you think "wow, this is not NEWS-like"?
It's sound serious. But I love it. At first when listen to this song, I wonder whether it's NewS or not because I only can spot Yamapi's voice.
the new single- Sakura Girl. It's like Arashi but it's ok for me. I love it.

10. What song that you would like to hear when you're having a bad day?
Love song and Smile Maker.
I always listen to them. Doesn't matter whether it's bad or nice day.

11. People think in different ways, some people think that Shige can sing, some think he can't, some think he only sounds good when he sing his own song. So according to you, what song do you think Shige's voice is at its best, regardless whatever category you think he is?
Chiraizumu. Wait! I think i love his voice when he sang Kiseki-Greeeen in his SP drama-Chichi yo, Anata wa Erakatta.

12. What is your fav solo song?
Love Song.

13. Fav duet/trio song? (e.g. Ginza Rhapsody, Road, Kesenai etc)
Sono Egao Boku Ni Misete-Yamapi and Ryo.

14. What song that you wish there was a PV for it?
Labyrinth. It could be sad like loveless but loveless is too sad and gentle. Labyrinth is more energetic, serious but sad. I know loveless is from Yamapi's solo album. it's not News but it's the only sad song that come across my mind right now.

15. What song that is your least fav?
I don't know.LoL

16. What concert performance of a song that you like most?
Devil or Angel versus Shock Me-Tokyo Dome Pacific 2007-2008 concert

17. What is your fav song title and why? (It's not necessary whether you like the song or not)
Sono Egao Boku ni Misete-Show me that smile.
Just hear the title enough to make me smile. =)

18. What solo song that you would like to see the other member perform it other than the original person?
Ehh? Don't know. Let me see. hmm..Code. I think. But, of course Ryo version always the best. I just want to hear how other members will sing this song.

19. What is your fav song from Touch album?
Love Song. After that, I-Za-Na-i-Zu-Ki.

20. What was your impression the 1st time you hear 'Koi no ABO' song?
This song is funny. I watched their performance at Hey3x and it's really funny.

21. Your most fav NEWS motivational song? (e.g. Gan Gan Ganbatte, Kibou Yell, Teppen etc)
Sayaendou. "Bravo!Bravo!"
Stand Up. "So, stand up, for the champion, for the champion."

22. And your most fav NEWS love song?
Love Song. (this is Yamapi's solo but it's in touch album. so it's still count as NewS right? LoL)
This song is about a guy who lost his girl because of his mistakes then he realizes that there is no other girls better than her and he hopes that he will meet that girl again and promises he will always be by her side.
Yamapi wrote this song himself. i think, solo songs that he composes himself is much better. There have some feeling in those songs.

23. Among the members, who do you wish to see singing as duet that has not fulfilled yet?
Never think of it. I prefer them perform as a group rather than duet or trio.

24. Is there any particular part of any song that you favour so much? (Like Tegoshi's high note in Koi no ABO, or Massu 'Bare bare yare yare' line in Share)
Taiyou No Namida-Yamapi's line.
"nemurenu yoru nekaeri wo utsu tsukanoma no yume wo mite ita."
A brief dream that rock me to sleep on night when I can't sleep.

25. What song that you could memorize the lyrics well?
Love song, Sono Egao Boku ni Misete, Taiyo no Namida, Cherish.
The other songs, usually I can humming and follow them when listen to it.

26. Which song that you like its choreography the most?
Taiyou No Namida, Koi No ABO and of course Cherish. Ohh, Gomen ne, Juliet too since it's included in pacific album as yamapi's solo.

27. Have you ever sing one of their songs in public/special event other than karaoke? (If the answer is yes, what was the song and what event was it?)

28. Any song that you would like to recommend to a non fan?
Cherish maybe..? I don't know because if they don't like, the won't listen right? Ohh, i think if i can dedicate songs to my friends *they are not jpop/jrock listener* I would like to dedicate Smile maker and Best Friend to them.

29. What is one NEWS song that you most unfamiliar with?
hmm..Arigato Ima. I rarely listen to this song. I only remember Tegoshi's voice in this song. Ahh~By the way, this song is like Malay song-rock kapak jiwang version

30. Bambina or Ai no Matador?

31. Chirarizumu or Murarisuto?
Murarisuto? I never heard this title. I think..? or may be i had listened to this song but never paying attention to it.

32. Can you guess from what song these lyrics are? Don't cheat ;)

Let's go to the planet. something like that. I know it's a song from Kibou~Yell single.

33. What song that you consider as their best single?
Taiyou no Namida. Next is Koi No ABO.

34. What is your all time fav song? That even though you were not a fan anymore, there is a huge possibility you would still think, "ah this is a really nice song".
Love song. Ahh~it unfair since it's Yamapi's solo.
Then, Next is Labyrinth.

35. Any wish, hope or anything you want to say?
I hope they will release more singles and albums as many as they can. But still got enough rest and eat well. and I really hope they would not create any problems again that would affect their group.

p/s: waiting for code blue 2 episode 6 and 7 subs. It's tiring, ne. Waiting something. But I understand doing subs is not an easy thing to do. Dakara, ganbatte ne, the subs groups. and thanks as always. =)