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Real love can't be cleaved apart.....
Written at Sunday, April 19, 2009 | back to top

Does it true?


love is inspiration, inspiration comes from love...

both can't be separated...

if you try to cleave the love, actually there's no love insides your heart...

because, love and inspiration come from heart,and the heart, can't be cleaved...

If we love someone, we'll always be by him/her sides...

we'll always give happiness to him/her...

eventhough, it make us tear apart...

it ruins our life...

When he/she found someone they love most, we'll able to let him/her go...

eventhough, it may hurt us...

love mean, able to sacrifice, gives and takes, cares,

love is spring,

brings hope and forgiveness,

Who are in love, 

they are always supporting each other,


and believe their partner,


the whole world don't believe him/her...

because, as the lover...

we always know, when he/she lies us...

and because of real love,

no one will able to lie their love...

the power of true love...

can turn, bad person become angel...

love is genuine...


owh, howcome I've become soooo jiwang today?

adakah pengaruh drama?

today, i can't study because of my heart doesn't feeling well...

can't focus to my books and notes...

i don't know why...

does that drama really affect me?

eventhough, i just gone through roughly...

nurul, how silly are you, today?


this My Lucky Star really give an impact to me...

can't wait anymore...

the moment, when the examination will over...


cepatla exam berlalu...

fikiran ku sudah tidak stabil ini...

presure sungguh...

my lucky star

Note: "real love can't be cleaved apart" is the tagline of a Taiwan drama, My Lucky Star and those silly words about love come from my heart...